Are you a Substantially Comparable GP wanting to live and work in Australia?

Are you a substantially comparable GP s under the RACGP’s PEP Specialist Stream? Look no further – Australia beckons with its unique fusion of professional advancement, urban vibrancy, and a landscape ripe for exploration.

Why Choose Australia?

Australia, famed for its cutting-edge healthcare infrastructure, presents an unparalleled stage for GPs aiming to carve a substantial niche in their field. Our cities are melting pots of diversity, pulsating with the demand for top-tier healthcare. By integrating into Australia’s General Practitioner community, you not only elevate your career trajectory but also enrich the health and vitality of urban communities.

Striking Work-Life Synergy

Australia isn’t just about work; it’s a lifestyle statement. Embrace an equilibrium between your professional pursuits and personal gratification, relishing the breath-taking landscapes, diverse cultural tapestry, and dynamic cityscapes that Australia proudly offers. With a plethora of outdoor adventures, cultural festivities, and an ethos of laid-back living, you’ll find your ideal balance between career ambitions and life’s pleasures.

Enhanced Quality of Life

Australia’s reputation for high living standards, stellar healthcare provisions, and alluring lifestyle amenities make it an idyllic haven for professionals and families alike.

This is repeatedly recognised internationally in the ‘global liveability ranking’ by the Economist intelligence unit.  In 2023 Australia had several positions in the top 20, Melbourne 3rd, Sydney 4th, Adelaide 12th, Perth 13th and Brisbane 16th.

Cultural Enrichment

Embark on a journey where each day brings fresh challenges, encounters, and chances to effect positive change. Uncover the myriad possibilities awaiting you as a General Practitioner in Australia – a realm of unparalleled urban allure, career progression, and a life richly lived. Your next chapter starts here!

GP Jobs for Substantially Comparable Doctors in Australia


Which qualifications have been assessed as substantially comparable?

  • United Kingdom – Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners
  • Canada – Certification in the College of Family Physicians
  • Spain – Specialist in Family and Community Medicine
  • Sweden – Specialist in Family and Community Medicine
  • Ireland – Membership of the Irish College of General Practitioners
  • New Zealand – Fellowship of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners
  • Malaysia – Membership of the Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia
  • Hong Kong – Fellow of Hong Kong College of Family Physicians
  • Malta – Specialist in Family Medicine
  • Belgium – Master of Specialisation in General Medicine, University of Liege

What are the other requirements assessed to be eligible for the PEP Specialist Stream?

Whilst your qualification may appear on the above list, the RACGP will also require you to meet other requirements in their comparability assessment including but not limited to; confirming you meet the recency of practice standard and that you are completing enough CPD.

Where will I be eligible to work?

Substantially comparable GPs under the PEP Specialist Stream are required to work in a location that is classified as a Distribution Priority Area (DPA) and a Monash Modified Model (MM1) or higher rating. These areas can be viewed on the Health Workforce Locator. Whilst these locations are further out from the city, there are additional monetary compensations for this as well as higher patient numbers. While on the PEP program, it is not possible to use exemptions other than DPA (Locum, Spousal, etc)

What visa would I be eligible for and are there pathways to permanent residency?

Whilst we recommend speaking to a registered migration agent about your particular situation, GPs are generally considered to be a priority occupation by immigration so there are visa pathways to permanent residency available. Most GPs first come to Australia on a temporary TSS Subclass 482 working visa and apply for permanent residency once in Australia. 

What are the typical working hours and remuneration for GPs in Australia?

Under the PEP Specialist Stream, you will be eligible to bill full Medicare rates for consultations like a fully recognised Australia GP. Please see further information about GP salaries in Australia on our GP Salary page

What support does Alecto provide to relocate to Australia?

Alecto is here to assist you through the entire relocation and registration process. Our team will assist you in finding the right job and guide your through each step of the registration process until you are in country and starting work. Our Australian based team is also on hand to answer questions and resolve any problems that may arise, once you start working. In Melbourne and Perth, we also run networking events to help you meet other GPs. 

How long does it take to get registered in Australia?

Getting registered to work in Australia can take 6-9 months in total. The timeframes can vary depending on several factors. If you choose to work with Alecto, our dedicated Registration team will assist you with the paperwork and ensure the timing of all applications is seamless.

What is Medicare and why do I need a provider number?

Medicare is a universal health insurance scheme, private practitioners like GPs are paid rebates for medical services and procedures they provide to the community. A good example of this is the case of bulk billing practices that only need to bulk-bill Medicare for all patient visits. This means that patients don’t need to spend any actual money for the consultation or visit.

Also, Medicare ensures that free hospital services for patients in public hospitals and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme or PBS-subsidised prescription pharmaceuticals remain accessible to all Australians.

However, to be able to request Medicare services, you need to have a Medicare provider number which is granted through the PEP Program. This provider number is a crucial identification number if you are to offer services covered by Medicare.

How much does it cost to become a GP in Australia?

Costs for registration in Australia vary depending on your pathway. For Partially Comparable GPs, below are some approximate costs to expect:

Costs prior to starting work:

  • Visa – $3,035 application fee
    •  $3,035 per adult dependant
    • $760 for any dependant under 18 years old
    • Comparability Assessment – $575
    • Program fee – $8,000 (12 months for full-timers and up to 24 Months for part-timers)
    • Membership Fee – $474
  • AHPRA – $1,600

* Please note, this list is not all inclusive and costs are subject to change

How does the practice invest in your relocation to Australia?

The practice supports your relocation in a number of ways:

  • Visa sponsorship- the nomination fee is $420 and the skilling Australian fund is $2,400 for a 2 year visa, and the price increases with each extra year).
  • Providing and paying a supervisor for you during the PEP program
  • Providing fellowship exam support
  • Orientating you to the Medicare, and the health system in Australia
  • The practice puts a role ‘on hold for you’ while they wait for you.

Victoria MM1 GP Jobs

Carrum Downs - 1 hr to Melbourne International Airport

  • Doctors are earning $2000 – $3500 per day
  • Relocation payment available – negotiable based on contract length
  • 70% billings
  • Amazing bayside location
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Geelong - 1 hr to Melbourne International Airport

  • Private billing
  • $20K sign on bonus negotiable
  • 65% Billings
  • minimum guarantee $150/hr for 12 weeks
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Geelong - 1 hr to Melbourne International Airport

  • Private Billings
  • Sign on bonus
  • Relocation assistance negotiable
  • Minimum guarantee for 12 months
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Geelong - 1 hr to Melbourne International Airport

  • 70% of Billings
  • With minimum guarantee up to $180/hr for 3 months
  • $20k upfront relocation payment for 2year contract (negotiable)
  • Busy mixed billing practice with flexible rostering
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Ocean Grove - 1.5 hrs to Melbourne International Airport

  • 60%-70% billings (75% for after hours and Sat)
  • Income guarantee negotiable – $160/hr – $180/hr for first 3 months
  • Full-time GPs typically bill $400k-$800k+ annually
  • Visa sponsorship available
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Werribee - 40 mins to Melbourne International Airport

  • 70% of Billings
  • Minimum guarantee available
  • Mixed Billing with no shortage of patient numbers
  • High patient volumes and an outstanding team enviroment
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New South Wales MM1 GP Jobs

East Maitland - 2 hrs to Sydney CBD

  • Relocation allowance up to $10k depending on skills, hours & contract period
  • $180/hour income guarantee for up to 12 months
  • 65-72.5% billings based on candidate experience and skills
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Lake Macquarie - 2 hrs to Sydney International Airport

  • GPs are typically billing $2,500 to $3,000 per day
  • Re-location allowance may be negotiated
  • 67.5% – 70%+ billings depending on skills and experience
  • $180/hour income guarantee offered for the right candidate
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Gosford Central Coast - 1.5 hrs to Sydney International Airport

  • 65% -70% billings depending on candidate
  • Income guarantee $150/hr for 3 months
  • Mixed Billings
  • Strong patient demand
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Wyong - 1.6 hrs to Sydney International Airport

  • Private Billings
  • 68% billings with income guarantee
  • 3-month minimum guarantee
  • Immediate patient demand with large loyal patients
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Lake Macquarie - 2 hrs to Sydney International Airport

  • 72.5% of billings negotiable
  • $150/hr income guarantee for 3 months
  • Mixed billing practice
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Tweed Heads - 9 mins to Gold Coast Airport

  • Mixed billings
  • Practice supportive of increasing private billings
  • Strong income potential
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Newcastle - 2 hrs to Sydney CBD

  • Private billings
  • Women make up 67% of consults, and 70% of patient cohort are under 45 years
  • 99% patient attendance rate
  • Average hourly billing for GPs is $335/hour
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Wollongong - 80 mins to Sydney CBD

  • 65%-70% of billings
  • Sign-on bonus negotiable
  • Mixed billings
  • $150/hour income guarantee for first 3 months
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Queanbeyan - 20 mins to Canberra CBD

  • 70% billings
  • Weekly guarantee up to $180/hr for 3 months for right candidate
  • Full-time established GP can expect to bill $500k-$600k+
  • $20k upfront relocation payment for 2 year contract (negotiable)
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Queanbeyan - 20 mins to Canberra CBD

  • Minimum guarantee of $150 per hour for the first 3 months or 30% commission
  • Offers 65% of private billing
  • Strong focus on Women’s Health
  • Flexible working hours
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Wollongong - 80 mins to Sydney CBD

  • 70% billings
  • Relocation bonus offered
  • Mixed billing practice
  • Income guarantee for first 3 months
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Newcastle - 2 hrs to Sydney CBD

  • Offering 70% of billings
  • Mixed billing practice (private billings on weekends)
  • Relocation payment may be available
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Newcastle - 2 hrs to Sydney CBD

  • 70% billings
  • High-income potential as 100% private billings
  • $200/hr guarantee for first 3 months
  • Immediate patient base
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Western Australia MM1 GP Jobs

Busselton - 2.5 hrs to Perth International Airport

  • 60% of billings
  • Relocation assistance on application
  • Clinical interests are welcomed and supported
  • Flexible rostering
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Peel Region - 1.5 hrs to Perth International Airport

  • 70% of billings
  • Mixed Billings
  • Stable practice with assurance of established patient base
  • Privately owned practice
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Kwinana - 37 mins to Perth CBD

  • 70% of billings
  • Minimum $180/hr for first 3 months
  • Mixed billing
  • An interest in Women’s Health is highly desirable
  • Existing patient base to be taken over so good earnings from day one
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Mandurah - 45mins to South Perth

  • 65% billings – Standard Consult $95 Long Consult $158 (higher on weekends)
  • Flexible hours to suit you
  • Weekend contribution of one Sat OR Sun morning/month (averages $500/hr)
  • Minimum guarantee & relocation payment may be available pending commitment of hours
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Queensland MM1 GP Jobs

North Brisbane - 1 hr to Brisbane CBD

  • 70% Billings
  • Minimum hourly guarantee and sign on bonus available pending contract terms
  • Flexible working arrangements and interdependence
  • Mixed billing
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Mooloolaba - 16 mins to Sunshine Coast Airport

  • 65% billings
  • Mixed billing practice
  • Minimum guarantee for 3mths of 65% billings or $150/hr whichever is higher
  • Potential sign on bonus ~10k+ pending length of contract
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Springfield - 30 mins to Brisbane CBD

  • 70% billings
  • $150/hr minimum guarantee for 3mths
  • Mixed Billing
  • Clinical leadership role / partnership potentially available
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Moreton Bay - 1 hr to Brisbane CBD

  • 75% privately billed item numbers
  • Guaranteed hourly rate for the first 6 months
  • Flexible working hours
  • High patient numbers
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Morayfield - 50 mins to Brisbane CBD

  • 75% Billings
  • Bulk billing
  • Ongoing clinical education
  • Upfront payment/relocation costs – negotiable
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Brisbane - 40 mins to Brisbane CBD

  • 65% – mixed billings
  • Minimum guarantee $150/hr for first 6 months
  • GPs looking for flexible hours including school hours will be accommodated.
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Caboolture - 34 mins to Brisbane Airport

  • 70% of mixed billings with great earning potential
  • Previous GP has been billing over $600k per annum gross billings
  • Guarantee of $150 per hour for the first 3 months
  • High levels of chronic disease care plans – great earning potential
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Moreton Bay - 38 mins to Brisbane Airport

  • 65% Billings
  • Your choice of how you bill – Private/Mixed/BB
  • Upfront payment/relocation costs – negotiable
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Augustine Heights - 35 mins to Brisbane CBD

  • 70% billings
  • Mixed Billing
  • Patient caseload available immediately
  • Fixed contract available & negotiable based on current billings.
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South Australia MM1 GP Jobs

Smithfield Adelaide - 40 mins to Adelaide CBD

  • 65% of Billings
  • Lucrative remuneration potential
  • Mixed Billing practice
  • Flexible hours – part time or full time available
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Angle Vale - 38 mins to Adelaide CBD

  • Established mixed billing practice with high private billing rates
  • Flexible contracts – Sign on Bonuses available
  • Supportive environment for professional growth
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We also have a number of great jobs in MM2 locations across Australia