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Our practice review service takes a holistic approach to improve your medical practice. We recommend a practice review to identify any improvements that can be made, such as:

  • attracting high-quality GPs
  • enhancing the doctors’ experience at your practice
  • improving your billing structure
  • improving policies and procedures

At Alecto, we recognise that any organisation is only as good as their people are. For this reason, we take a very people and culture-focused approach to any review.

Alecto Consulting is known for providing a quality practice review service to help improve vital aspects of your practice, making you more competitive. Our reviews are based on research and analysis, and reviews are carried out in a collaborative effort, aiming at lifting existing standards to better compete in a crowded marketplace.

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Medical Practice Review Includes

Our practice review can be completely customised to your needs. Here is what it would typical include:

Staff Interviews

Talking to all your staff members allows us to unearth vital feedback

Operational Review

We will look at your internal processes to make your practice ore efficient & effective

Practice Visit

Visiting your practice allows us to get a good feel for your location, the inside of your practice and the staff that work there

Review of Employment Offering

The goal of the employment offering review is to unearth your unique employment proposition (UEP) to attract more GPs

Recruitment Review

We’ll look at all aspects of your recruitment and job advertising and how vacancies can be advertised in the best way possible

Financial Review

The financial review will look into your profitability & cash flow and how you can improve your financial position over time

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Our Approach


Discuss Requirements

First we want to get to know you and learn about your requirements. We have questions to better understand what you are trying to achieve.

Practice Visit & Staff Interviews

We will visit your practice to get a good picture of who you are and how you do things. During the visit we interview as many staff members as possible to get the insights needed for a meaningful review.

Research & Analysis

Our consultants will do a situation analysis and we research the best options and solutions for you.

Present Solutions

Depending on your location we will present our solutions in person or via video conference. In any case you will receive a detailed report outlining our findings and proposed solutions.

Pricing & Terms

  • Full practice reviews start from $8,775 plus GST per site.
  • Price depends on your requirements and size of organisation.
  • Travel costs may apply depending on your location.
  • The initial 50% of this fee would be due upon commencement with the remaining 50% due upon completion. All invoices are due within 14 days of the issue date.
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