The newest stream of overseas doctors are coming to Australia in the form of exceptional Partially Comparable GPs. What sets them apart? Not only do these GPs bring their wealth of experience after completing specialist qualifications in their home country, but they also boast the unique ability to bill at the same A1 rates as their Australian GP counterparts.

Partially Comparable GPs under the RACGP’s PEP Specialist Stream are a distinct cohort. This pathway to work in Australia and ultimately FRACGP is unique to General Practice. Typically commencing with level 2 or 3 supervision from the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), these doctors quickly integrate into the Australian healthcare landscape. Unlike non-comparable doctors who require extensive supervision and PESCIs, as well as years of work prior to exams, these Partially Comparable GPs are ready to provide quality care from the outset.

One of the other key advantages of recruiting Partially Comparable GPs is their ability to remain at your practice without the need for periodic transitions common among registrars. These doctors are committed to long-term engagement, offering stability and continuity to your healthcare team.

Imagine the impact on your bottom line when you not only attract highly qualified specialists but also maximize billing potential. Our Partially Comparable GPs present an unparalleled opportunity to enhance both the clinical and financial aspects of your practice.

While our Partially Comparable GPs operate similarly to substantially comparable GPs or their Australian counterparts, there is an extra step to their journey – the completion of the FRACGP exams after their first year in Australia.


What is a partially comparable GP?

GPs deemed Partially Comparable by the RACGP and are eligible to work under the PEP Specialist Stream. These GPs hold specialist GP qualifications from countries such as Malaysia, Netherlands, Phillipines, Singapore, Sri Lanka and those holding the international version of the UK’s MRCGP.

How do partially comparable GPs differ from substantially comparable GPs under the PEP Specialist Stream?

Partially comparable GPs are essentially the same as substantially comparable GPs except that they are required to complete the RACGP’s fellowship exams prior to be granted FRACGP. They can apply for their exams after 6-12 months in Australia.

Where can partially comparable GPs work?

They are able to work in DPA locations that are also classified as MM2+

What level of supervision is required for partially comparable GPs?

Partially comparable GPs are recommend to have level 3 supervision (supervisor is available by phone) from the RACGP, however their supervision level is determined by AHPRA. Depending on that GPs individual work experience and history, AHPRA may ask that they commence on level 2 supervision (supervisor is onsite for 80% of the time) for their initial few months in Australia.

How does billing work for Partially Comparable GPs?

Under the PEP Specialist Stream, partially comparable GPs can bill full A1 Rates. They can therefore earn the same as a substantially comparable or Australian trained doctor.

Can a partially comparable doctor stay at my practice long-term?

Yes, unlike the disruptive nature of registrars coming and going from your practice, partially comparable GPs can remain at your practice permanently (as long as they pass their FRACGP after 2 years).

How does Alecto support the registration process?

Alecto’s dedicated registration team assists with all paperwork and processes related to the employment of partially comparable doctors, facilitating a smooth transition to starting work.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to tap into this fresh market of doctors looking to move to Australia. Embrace the advantage of specialist GPs who not only bring experience and skills but also contribute to the financial prosperity of your practice by billing on par with substantially comparable or unrestricted GPs.

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