Past Experience

The list below provides a sample listing of past projects and assignments managed and/or conducted by Martina Stanley either through Alecto Consulting or other business entities and provides an indication of the types of assignments that match our capability.

The project examples are grouped to reflect our key areas of expertise:

  1. Health Workforce Solutions
  2. Management Support (including strategic and service planning)
  3. Evaluations and Reviews

Further examples of project or work experience can be provided on request.

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1. Health Workforce solutions

The following examples demonstrate our experience and capacity in supporting organisations with planning and development of the health workforce.

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Professional education strategy for the prevention of Elder Abuse
A whole-of-government strategy to support the implementation of new guidelines on the prevention of elder abuse in government funded agencies (e.g HACC providers, police, community legal aid)
Rural Medical Workforce advocacy–national peak body
CEO of a national peak body focused on medical workforce solutions for rural and remote Australia
Scoping of medical workforce issues
A planning exercise to assist a bulk-billing medical clinic to develop strategies for addressing ongoing medical workforce shortages
Strategic scoping of health workforce issues
A review and subsequent strategic development project to support a medical service focused on supporting highly disadvantaged communities
Overview of health workforce issues in rural and remote Australia
Development of a number of research and discussion papers for a national peak body based in Canberra
Medical workforce support and solutions (CEO)
Creation and subsequent management of a joint venture to provide workforce support solutions for over 750 doctors across several health networks
Review of Oral Health Clinical Placements
Development of a model of practice to support the development of new and improved approaches to clinical placements in publicly funded dental clinics
Feasibility of new workforce category
Identification of opportunities and stakeholder support for development of a new medical workforce category
Review of Oral Health Scholarships
Development of key recommendations to improve the uptake of scholarships designed to address key workforce shortages for public dental services
Rural Residency Management Program
Re-design and review of a residential management program designed to build management workforce capacity in rural and regional health services.

2. Management Support (including strategic and service planning)

We provide a range of management supports including managing interim management positions, business transfers, strategic planning and business development.

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Review of clientpathways
Assessment of key client pathways and development of a resource kit based on national, international and local guidelines for service delivery
Community Health and Municipal Health Plan
A unique strategic planning process which combined municipal and health agency plans for a large metropolitan region
Feasibility of a safety rating system
Consultation with manufacturers, retailers and other stakeholders to prepare options for the implementation of a star rating system to support consumer safety
Community Needs Analysis
Collection, analysis and presentation of data to identify needs of a geographic region including all socio-economic indicators
Strategic and Services Plans for Community Health
Development of strategic service plans based on a community needs analysis, service utilisation data, stakeholder consultation etc.) for Nillumbik, Bentleigh Bayside, Central Bayside, Latrobe, Dianella, Sunbury Community Health Services
Regional Integrated Planning Framework
Integrated strategy for management of chronic disease (diabetes) in a large metropolitan region based on feedback from consumers and practitioners.

3. Evaluation and Reviews

Our experience in conducting evaluations and reviews includes large national health programs, state-based reviews and strategic assessments of individual organisations. All of these reviews included consultations with a wide range of stakeholders.

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Review of community based HACC service
A review of a range of complex and highly sensitive issues as part of a review of a large HACC program with a particular focus on caring for children with disabilities
Review of Disability Accommodation Services
Evaluation of quality systems and use of modern consumer engagement principles for 23 accommodation services including development of a strategic implementation plan.
Evaluation of Integrated Health Promotion in PCPs
Evaluation of the implementation of cooperative approaches (through Primary Care Partnerships) in 13 regions
Evaluation of professional development program
This evaluation was designed to assess the effectiveness of multi-disciplinary training programs to support the management of chronic disease in rural communities and included Aboriginal health services.
Evaluation of Flexible Support Packages
Evaluation of a range of funding packages to support families with special needs children
Development of an output based funding model
A comprehensive review of cost structures to ensure sustainability of a long-standing service delivery model with complex cost drivers
Evaluation of ABI/AOD consultant pilot
Following implementation of a new consultant role to support dual diagnosis clients this evaluation was designed to consider longer term needs
Evaluation of the Transition Care Plus Pilot
Evaluation of a pilot project funded by state and Commonwealth departments to develop new models of care to facilitate earlier transition from acute surgical wards

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