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Sydney is well known for its iconic harbour, beaches and cosmopolitan lifestyle. GPs from abroad are often drawn to GP jobs in Sydney as a working holiday, and while there are some opportunities for this, there are more options for GPs looking to settle into a permanent Sydney GP job for a few years. GPs who are serious about building up a career in Sydney have a great opportunity to differentiate themselves and earn a high GP salary if they are willing to put in regular working hours and do the occasional weekend shift.

The type of typical GP clinic in Sydney varies depending on the location and the age of the suburbs. We have several large corporate style clinics operating successfully in the CBD but the northern suburbs for example are characterised by smaller, more traditional, GP owned clinics.

If you’re on the lookout for GP locum roles in Sydney or its surrounds, you’ve found the perfect resource. We offer an extensive range of locum positions that span from the bustling metropolitan areas to the typically more abundant opportunities in rural and regional areas. Many of these placements are within hospitals, allowing for a diverse array of medical experiences and the opportunity to significantly impact local health communities. Whether your goal is to develop your skills in a lively urban environment or to serve in areas that are less resourced, our listings for GP locum Sydney positions are designed to align with your professional ambitions.

Working with Alecto means that we find you the perfect Sydney GP job, whether it’s a VR GP job, a Sydney based DPA GP job or a locum, our team assists on your quest.

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Find the perfect GP job today in Sydney

Western, NSW
GP role in DPA, MM3 location
70% billings
Income guarantee for 3 months
Relocation assistance negotiable
Valentine, NSW
DPA GP role with high income potential
Mixed billing practice
$160/hour income guarantee
70%-75% billings for right candidate
Narellan, NSW
GP role with interest in men’s health
Clinical interest in men’s health would be well-received
70+% billings
$160/hour income guarantee for up to 6 months
Newcastle Mixed Billing GP
Wallsend, NSW
Mixed Billing GP role
$180/hour income guarantee for 3 months
Mixed billing with strong opportunities to privately bill
Relocation allowance may be negotiated depending on candidate skills, qualifications and length of contract
Glendale, NSW
DPA GP role with enviable incentives
65-70% billings depending on skills, experience, hours
$180/hour income guarantee
Up to $15k relocation assistance depending on length of contract and experience
Tweed Heads, NSW
GP role with an interest in women’s health
DPA practice in stunning beach location
Immediate patient base with a current GP leaving
Mixed billing practice - standard consult $80 and long $120


How can Alecto help me in my search for the best Sydney GP job?

Alecto is a leading GP recruitment agency in Australia that specialises in helping general practitioners find the best job opportunities in Sydney.

Our experienced consultants provide services, such as job search, application assistance, interview preparation, contract negotiation, and ongoing support to make the recruitment process stress-free for GPs.

Where should I start looking for the best GP jobs in Sydney?

If you’re looking for the best places to work as a GP in Sydney, currently, the Eastern beaches from Bondi to Maroubra and the “Shire” area around Marrickville and Woolaware are highly recommended. These areas offer excellent living and working conditions, including beautiful beaches, and may offer academic exemptions if needed.

Another great area to consider is Manly/Warringah, which offers plenty of job opportunities and great places to live. However, some doctors may see it as isolated, and it might be harder to get an academic exemption.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the entire Hunter Valley and Central Coast is currently DPA, and there are still many excellent vacancies in the Hunter region around Newcastle, which is great for families and not too far from Sydney. With fantastic surfing beaches and sailing on Lake MacQuarie, this region has a lot to offer.

To help you navigate the GP job search process and find the best opportunities that align with your professional background and requirements, working with Alecto can be an invaluable resource. We can help you understand and fulfill all the necessary requirements and match you with suitable job opportunities in the best areas.

What’s Alecto’s typical timeline for candidates looking to get a good GP job in Sydney?

General Practitioners (GPs) are in high demand in Sydney due to a number of factors. Sydney has a large and growing population, with over 5 million people living in the city and surrounding areas. As the population grows, the demand for healthcare services also increases, and GPs are at the forefront of providing primary care to patients. The high demand for primary care services, coupled with the shortage of GPs in many areas typically accelerates finding a great GP position.

However, the duration of your Sydney GP job search through Alecto also depends on other factors, such as your qualifications, the job requirements, and market conditions.

Alecto aims to help you find opportunities quickly although the timeframe may vary for each person. However, closely collaborating with Alecto consultants and providing them with detailed and accurate information about your educational and work background, experience, skills and job preferences can help expedite the recruitment process.

What are the average earnings of a Sydney GP?

General practitioner (GPs) earnings in Sydney are affected by factors, such as experience, type of practice, and work hours.

Alecto’s latest GP salary survey reports an average annual salary of $253,000 for full-time GPs working seven or more sessions per week. Part-time GPs working six sessions or less per week have an average annual salary of $194,000.

However, these figures are averages and not representative of all GP earnings. Working with a GP recruitment agency like Alecto can help you negotiate fair salaries and terms of employment.

Will Alecto be able to assist me in finding a locum GP job in Sydney?

Alecto is a GP recruitment agency specialising in helping qualified candidates find both permanent and locum GP roles in Sydney. We can help you find GP positions that align with your preferences, whether you’re looking for a short-term locum placement or a long-term opportunity.

We’ll work with you in identifying job openings that match your skills, experience, and availability, and provide support throughout the recruitment process, including job applications, interviews, and contract negotiation.

We have access to a broad network of healthcare providers and clinics throughout Sydney and the rest of Australia offering a variety of GP locum jobs. Additionally, we provide ongoing support and can help successful candidates with logistics, such as accommodation and travel arrangements

In what kind of work settings can overseas trained doctors work in Sydney?

Overseas trained doctors (OTDs) can work in various healthcare settings in Sydney, including hospitals, general practices, community health centres, clinics, distribution priority areas, etc.

However, OTDs must meet the requirements set by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) to practice medicine in Australia. They must also obtain the necessary visa and work permits to work in Sydney.

OTDs who wish to work as general practitioners in Sydney must also comply with Section 19AA and Section 19AB of the Health Insurance Act 1973, which may impose certain restrictions on where they can work and access Medicare benefits.

Does Alecto know about any other specific restrictions for OTDs?

Overseas trained doctors (OTDs) seeking GP jobs in Sydney, Australia face certain restrictions.

Firstly, they must obtain medical registration from the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) which requires certain qualifications and experience.

Secondly, they need to demonstrate English proficiency by passing a language test like IELTS or OET.

Thirdly, OTDs may have to work under supervision for a period to ensure they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to practise medicine in Australia. Additionally, they’ll need a valid visa to work in Australia.

International medical graduates or IMGs (specifically referring to OTDs and foreign graduates of an accredited medical school or FGAMS) planning to work as GPs in Australia are also bound by Section 19AB of the Health Insurance Act 1973, which imposes a 10-year moratorium.

The 19AB restrictions require general practitioners to work in a distribution priority area (DPA) with limits put on their Medicare provider numbers for ten years. OTDs can qualify for Medicare benefits by providing return-of-service work for a predetermined period (usually ten years), which ends after the GP has fulfilled the service period and obtained citizenship or permanent residency.

However, there are also 19AB exemptions to the 10-year moratorium. Alecto can assist you in finding out whether you meet specific conditions that may qualify you for an exemption.

Can Alecto help OTDs like me with the visa and immigration process?

Alecto can help overseas trained doctors with the visa and immigration process to work in Australia.

Our team of experts provides guidance and support to OTDs throughout the visa process, including visa options for GPs, eligibility, application, processing, and immigration support. We also work closely with reputable immigration agents who can assist you throughout the immigration journey.

The visa and immigration process can be complicated, and requirements may differ based on individual circumstances. Working with Alecto can assist OTDs in navigating the process successfully and ensuring they meet necessary criteria for working in Australia, including the pathways for IMGs.

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