Our Experience with International GP Recruitment: UK and Irish GPs

Since our inception, one of Alecto Australia’s major areas of interest and expertise has been international GP recruitment — specifically, VR GPs from the UK and Ireland.

As a group, we’ve found Irish and UK GPs to be excellent practitioners, often with qualifications beyond their primary medical degree, such as diplomas in obstetrics and gynaecology, and paediatrics: a level of training which is less common amongst local GPs. We have also found them to be enthusiastic contributors in the practices we’ve placed them in, performing well in their primary clinical role, as well as providing excellent support and/or training to other GPs, and being generally engaged with the business side of practising medicine.

Whether you need to fill a Melbourne GP job, a Perth vacancy or anywhere else in Australia, Alecto is your partner to find the best GP for your practice.

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Introduction of an Overseas Recruitment Retainer Program

Over the last 2 years there have been a lot of regulatory changes that unfortunately have made it harder to recruit GPs from overseas, or to get visa’s for GPs that are already in Australia. We are committed to finding simple solutions so that our clients can still access this pool of GPs, but we are now forced to pass on these costs to our clients – particularly with the increased labour market testing requirements.


International Medical Recruitment of Irish and UK GPs: The benefits for practices

Increasingly, GPs practising in the UK are reporting to us a feeling of being undervalued by the NHS, overstretched by the demands on their hours, and not rewarded appropriately for excellence. We believe the GPs who will most notice and resent these factors are those GP’s of high calibre who perform their roles most conscientiously and who place the highest expectations on themselves and the performance of their duties. Both we and our clients have been impressed with Irish and UK GPs.

Because international medical graduates require the sponsorship of a practice, they tend also to be more available than local GPs, who often prefer to enter private practice on their own. The main reason we have narrowed our focus to Irish and UK GPs (as well as New Zealand GPs) has been because we have found that those GPs offer an advantage to practices in the sense of being more readily available, but without any compromise in terms of their ability, education, or clinical excellence.

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Why work with Alecto in Recruiting Irish and UK GPs?

At Alecto Australia Medical Recruitment, we’ve been doing international medical recruitment with a specific focus on Irish and UK GPs for more than four years.  To support this foucs, we have consultants living and working both in the UK and Australia.  Our locally based consultants have a strong understanding of the local market and industry, are available to talk to our clients and candidates during their own office hours.

By having experts on the ground in both the UK and Australia, we’re uniquely positioned to provide quality Irish and UK GPs to Australian practices.  We also know what you can reasonably expect from UK or Irish GPs and how that can fit in with the needs of Australian practices.

If you recruit a UK or Irish or NZ GP through us, we will assist you and the candidate through the maze of paperwork, and streamline the process to ensure that GPs can get here within 4-6 months.  And if  you are confused about 19AB exemptions, DPA, 19AA exemptions or anything else, we are here to make it as easy as possible.

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