19AB Spousal Exemption FAQs for GPs – will I qualify?

There are a number of strict specific criteria that both you and your spouse must meet in order to be granted a 19AB spousal exemption.  We frequently talk to GPs who have been told by a practice manager or an in-experienced recruiter that they will qualify for a  19AB spousal exemption. Only to later find out that they are not suitable. Here at Alecto Australia, we have successfully been able to get these 19AB exemptions approved on a regular basis. Get in contact here to find out more.

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Here are a few common questions about 19AB spousal exemptions:

Can I get prior approval?

Unfortunately, you aren’t able to get a definite answer until you submit an application for a specific job at a specific location. For GPs coming from overseas, we can only apply for the exemption when you have full registration with AHPRA, and your visa has been approved.

How long will it take for my application to be considered?

There is a fair bit of paperwork involved with a spousal exemption and on average it takes 8-10 weeks to be processed – once we have submitted the complete application.

Do I need to be married or can you be in a defacto relationship?

You can be either married, in a defacto relationship or same-sex relationship.

Should I be on a spousal visa?

No, you just need to be eligible for 19AB.

Does my spouse need to be working in a particular field?

Your partner needs to work in an area that is defined as a ‘skill shortage’ by the department of immigration. Currently, there are many occupations on the list, so meeting this particular requirement is not difficult for most people.

How does the application process work?

We offer a free initial consultation, where we go through a few questions about your personal situation.  We will then let you know how likely it is that you will be awarded a spousal exemption, and then you can choose whether or not to work with us.

Next steps – leave your details and we will be in contact for your free initial consultation.More information about 19AB exemptions for employers can be found here.

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