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Alecto Australia Medical Recruitment has extensive experience recruiting GPs for practices located in Distribution Priority Areas (DPA) (formerly DWS). If you are in a DPA area, you may find it easier to recruit GPs.

If you are a GP looking for a position in a DPA, we have a listing of our DPA GP jobs, and more information about DPA Australia and 19AB exemptions.

If you are a practice owner or practice manager, and your practice is located in a DPA area, it should be easier for you to recruit GPs whose primary medical degree is not from Australia. This is because GPs from overseas need a 19AB exemption in order to get a Medicare provider number, and working in a DPA is a suitable 19AB exemption.

If you are in a DPA area, recruiting GPs can be much easier – particularly if you are interested in working with GPs from the UK, Ireland or New Zealand. At Alecto we will help you select GPs from overseas who can work without taking exams and who will not need supervision (those who have vocational registration in Australia).

If you are having trouble figuring out if you are currently in a DPA, area we can help. For up to date information about what locations have DPA status, please contact us.

Not in a DPA? Contact us for a chat about other recruitment options.

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How we can help:

  • If your practice has lost its DPA status, we may be able to assist you in finding ways of using your previous status.
  • If your practice is currently a DPA location, we can help you find GPs as we have a number of well-qualified GPs who are vocationally registered and looking for positions across Australia. Please note it can often take 6-12 months to find the right person for a particular practice, so when thinking about your recruitment needs it’s good to think a few months in advance.
  • If your practice isn’t in a DPA location we can provide advice about any other 19AB exemptions that may help you recruit overseas doctors.

For more information about DPA/19AB and GP recruitment:

We invest considerable time, cost and energy into understanding the various 19AB exemptions. While working together you will naturally come to understand many parts of these exemptions. We ask that you treat this information confidentially and respect our business interests.

We ask that any contact details (phone, email etc), templates, letters that we may pass on to you only be used with respect to a specific GP we are recruiting on your behalf.

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At Alecto Australia, we are committed to finding GP jobs that suit your individual preferences and needs. Because we specialise in sourcing the best GP jobs for the best GPs, we have access to the largest number of permanent GP jobs in Australia.

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