FAQs for GP Employers

Please note that it is the employer’s choice whether or not they hire a particular candidate. We conduct checks as outlined above, but we cannot guarantee that the candidate has been truthful and honest during the entire recruitment process.

Due to the Privacy Act there are limitations to the checks we can complete with and without the candidate’s permission. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that candidates are suitable for a position.

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Will I get a HWC if my DPA review application is successful?

In most cases you will receive a HWC if it is a successful DPA review application. Click Here for more info.

As a medical recruitment agency does Alecto Australia charge any fees at the beginning of the recruitment process?

No: fees are only charged once a suitable candidate has been found. Once the candidate accepts the job and signs a contract, 50% of the recruitment fee is due. The remaining 50% is due on the day they start working for you. However this is only one of our fee arrangements, talk to us about different options. This is an important feature of our service as we are committed to an approach which allows the candidate to choose the position that is matched to his/her preferences. We believe that this will help to improve retention of GPs.

What is included in the recruitment cost?

The recruitment fee covers advertising, sourcing and speaking to candidates. For overseas GPs, it also includes assisting them through the entire registration process of becoming a GP in Australia.

How long does it take to place a GP in my clinic?

It depends on the location, clinic and your offer but the recruitment process can sometimes take 6-12 months due to the shortage and demand for GPs around Australia.

Can Alecto assist with registration support for GPs I have recruited myself?

Yes, our experienced Registration Manager can assist your GP with the registration process even if we have not recruited them for you. If you would like to know more, please contact Megan at [email protected]

Can Alecto Australia Medical Recruitment help with visas and immigration?

Yes, we have two experienced registered migration agents who can assist. You can choose to use them for part or all of the immigration process. The cost of using these agents is in addition to any recruitment fees paid.

What checks do you have in place to verify a candidate’s qualifications and experience?

Prior to you offering a candidate a job we:

  • Request two professional referees from the candidate and contact both of them to verify details about the candidate
  • Contact previous employers to verify employment history
  • Confirm any medical registration they claim to have at present or in the past
  • Request copies of relevant qualifications and notify candidates that these will need to be sighted prior to entering into an employment contract
  • Conduct further electronic searches to ensure that there is nothing in their history that we may have missed.

We can provide you with a summary of the checks we have conducted for your records.

Does Alecto Australia do international medical recruitment?

Yes! We have a particular focus on international medical recruitment, including VR GPs from the UK, Ireland and New Zealand. We do, of course, also recruit local VR GPs.

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