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GP Jobs in Brisbane are popular among GP families looking for a sub-tropical lifestyle while having an easy connection to Sydney and other cities on the Eastern seaboard. Life in Queensland is generally more relaxed and built around the access to beaches and outdoor sports facilities.

Until recently, most practices were family owned and it was sometimes difficult to find opportunities that would suit new GPs moving into the area. However, that is changing rapidly as more and more practices join larger groups and systematise their approach.

If you are exploring opportunities for GP locum work in Brisbane or its surrounding areas, you’re in the ideal spot. We provide access to a variety of locum positions, extending from urban settings to more commonly found opportunities in rural and regional locations. Several of these roles are based in hospital environments, offering varied experiences and a chance to play a crucial role in community healthcare. Whether you seek to enhance your abilities in a vibrant urban setting or impact healthcare in areas with limited services, our array of GP locum Brisbane positions are tailored to suit your career aspirations.

Brisbane areas offer some DWS locations and a variety of great GP Jobs on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

Brisbane Park

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Ipswich, Queensland
Mixed Billing GP Job near Brisbane
GPs booked well in advance
Mixed billings - 70%
DPA location
Middlemount QLD
Locum – GP role in Regional QLD
GP Locum role for 2 weeks
Accommodation, car, flights provided
Locum start date of 16th July
Redlands Region, QLD
GP Vacancy where a Collegial Team counts
Booked out a week in advance
Mixed billings - 70%
Work / Life Balance culture
In between buildings in Adelaide
Redbank Plains, Ipswich QLD
GP DPA location
70% – mostly private billing
DPA location suitable for 19AB exemptions
Current doctors beyond capacity
A lagoon in Brisbane. DPA status.
Mountain Creek, Sunshine Coast
GP - Central Sunshine Coast Location
Family friendly flexible work hours
70% – private billing
High patient volumes
Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, QLD
GP - Central Sunshine Coast Location
Family friendly – FT / PT / locum options available
65% Billings
Suit interest in women’s health


How can Alecto help me find the ideal General Practitioner position in Brisbane?

As a leading GP recruitment firm in Australia, Alecto excels at helping general practitioners secure the most suitable positions. Our team of seasoned consultants is equipped to guide you through the job market, pinpointing opportunities that align with your talents, passions, and desired work environment.

Alecto provides the following services to help you find the perfect GP job in Brisbane:

  • Job hunting
  • Application guidance
  • Interview coaching
  • Contract discussions
  • Continual support

What sets Alecto apart is our experienced team of consultants as well as the strong connections we foster with top-tier GP practices across Brisbane, enabling us to present highly appealing job opportunities to our candidates.

Which are the prime locations for General Practitioner positions in Brisbane?

Best Areas to Call Home in Brisbane

Discover the charming neighbourhoods and idyllic suburbs that make Brisbane a vibrant and inviting place to call home, as we explore the city’s top residential gems. Alecto has the key to a large network of exceptional practices in Brisbane. We can help you find a GP job that is located within a short distance to where you are or will be living.

Ascot: A prosperous region renowned for its grand, historic residences and lush parklands, Ascot is situated just 7 km northeast of the city centre and enjoys excellent train and bus connectivity.

Kangaroo Point: Encircled by water on three sides, Kangaroo Point is a peninsula suburb that blends picturesque landscapes with a vibrant urban atmosphere.

Newmarket: Nestled among a group of in-demand northern suburbs, Newmarket’s friendly backstreets exude a strong community spirit, featuring expansive, versatile green spaces and cherished family residences.

Other highly rated areas for living and working in Brisbane include New Farm, Ashgrove, Paddington, Alderley, West End, Indooroopilly, Sandgate, and Wilston.

Best DPA Locations in Brisbane: 

There are a number of attractive Distribution Priority Areas (DPA) in Brisbane within 15-25 km from the CBD.

DPA locations to the West: Redbank, Ipswich, Karana Downs, & Springfield

DPA coastal locations to the North: Deception Bay, Narangba, Burpengary, Burpengary East and Beachmere.

DPA locations to the South: Jimboomba & Beaudesert

How long does it take to find an attractive GP job in Brisbane through Alecto?

The duration required to secure an appealing GP position in Brisbane through Alecto can vary based on several factors, such as:

  •       Your credentials and expertise
  •       The particular job specifications
  •       Any potential limitations, like 19AB constraints
  •       The prevailing job market situation

With a high demand for GPs in Brisbane and across Australia, locating an ideal position is generally quite straightforward. Alecto is committed to helping GPs find opportunities as swiftly as possible, but the precise timeline depends on individual situations.

It is crucial to maintain close communication with your Alecto consultant. Ensure that you supply accurate, comprehensive information about your qualifications, experience, and job preferences to facilitate a more efficient recruitment process.

What is the typical income for a General Practitioner in Brisbane?

The income of a General Practitioner (GP) in Brisbane can fluctuate based on a variety of factors, such as their expertise, the nature of the practice (bulk or mixed-billing), the hours they work, and other considerations.

According to Alecto’s most recent GP salary survey (May 2023), the average yearly salary for full-time general practitioners working 7 or more sessions per week in Australia is $334,000.

For part-time general practitioners working 6 sessions or fewer per week, the average annual salary is around $177,000. 

It’s important to remember that these figures represent averages and may not encompass all GPs in Brisbane. Individual GPs may earn more or less than these amounts based on their specific situations.

Collaborating with a GP recruitment agency like Alecto can help you negotiate a competitive salary that accurately reflects your experience and credentials. 

➜ Learn more about Australian GP Salaries

Is Alecto capable of assisting me in locating a locum General Practitioner position in Brisbane?

Indeed, Alecto is well-equipped to help you find a locum GP role in Brisbane, as we specialise in medical recruitment for both permanent and locum positions.

We can aid you in identifying job opportunities that align with your preferences, whether you seek a brief locum assignment or a more extended engagement.

To explore locum GP opportunities through Alecto, consult with one of our knowledgeable consultants who will collaborate with you to pinpoint positions that correspond to your abilities, experience, and schedule. We will also offer assistance with job applications, interviews, and contract negotiations to ensure you secure a role that satisfies your requirements and preferences.

In which locations can overseas trained doctors (OTDs) practice in Brisbane?

Doctors trained overseas (OTDs) in Brisbane have the opportunity to work in diverse healthcare environments, including public hospitals, private hospitals, community health centres, general practices, and specialist clinics.

Before OTDs can practise in Brisbane, they must obtain the necessary medical registration and fulfil the requirements established by the Australian Medical Council (AMC).

Upon receiving medical registration, OTDs can work across various specialties and subspecialties based on their qualifications and experience. Some prevalent areas for OTDs to work in Brisbane include:

 General practice: OTDs with general practice experience can work in various settings, such as private practices, community health centres, and bulk-billing clinics.

  •       Hospital medicine: OTDs can serve in both public and private hospitals in Brisbane, covering a variety of medical specialties like emergency medicine, intensive care, and oncology.
  •       Specialist clinics: OTDs with specialised training and expertise can work at specialist clinics, including dermatology clinics, women’s health clinics, and mental health clinics.
  •       Rural and remote areas: Overseas Trained Doctors (OTDs) can seize unique opportunities offered by Rural GP jobs in the underserved Distribution Priority Areas (DPAs) of Queensland, including rural and remote regions. These areas, which frequently face a shortage of medical professionals, provide distinctive experiences in community health centres, indigenous health services, and remote clinical practices.

Are there any other limitations for OTDs?

Yes, overseas trained doctors (OTDs) may encounter certain restrictions when seeking GP positions in Australia. These limitations ensure that OTDs adhere to the required standards of competency and professionalism to practise medicine in the country.

Some key restrictions include:

  •  Medical registration: OTDs must obtain medical registration from the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) before working as GPs in Brisbane. This process, which necessitates meeting specific eligibility criteria, such as completing an approved medical degree and having relevant experience and qualifications, can be time-consuming.
  • English language proficiency: To acquire medical registration, OTDs must also demonstrate English language proficiency, typically by passing a test like the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Occupational English Test (OET).
  • Supervision requirements: To ensure they possess the necessary skills and knowledge for practising medicine in Australia, OTDs may need to work under supervision before receiving full medical registration.
  • Visa requirements: OTDs must secure the appropriate visa to work in Australia, which may involve obtaining a temporary work visa or permanent residency, depending on individual circumstances.
  • Section 19AB restrictions: International medical graduates (IMGs), a category that includes OTDs and foreign graduates of accredited medical schools (FGAMS), are subject to Section 19AB of the Health Insurance Act of 1973 when pursuing a general practice career in Australia. This section imposes a 10-year moratorium, during which general practitioners must work in a distribution priority area (DPA) where doctors are in short supply, primarily in rural and remote regions. IMGs can qualify for Medicare benefits by committing to a return-of-service period in a DPA region, which is typically ten years. After fulfilling this service period and obtaining citizenship or permanent residency, these restrictions are lifted.

Section 19AB also encompasses various exemption categories from the 10-year moratorium, known as 19AB exemptions. We can assist you in determining if you meet specific conditions that may qualify you for an exemption.

Is Alecto able to provide support with visa and immigration matters?

Indeed, Alecto is capable of helping overseas trained doctors (OTDs) with visas and immigration to Australia. We have a committed team and collaboration with migration agency partners to offer guidance and assistance throughout the visa and immigration process, including:

  •         Visa eligibility assessment
  •         Visa application process
  •         Visa processing assistance
  •         Immigration support

Keep in mind that the visa and immigration process can be intricate and lengthy, with requirements varying based on individual situations.

Collaborating with Alecto can aid you in navigating these requirements, including the pathways for IMGs and visa options for GPs, ensuring you fulfil all necessary criteria and can practise in Australia.

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