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If this sounds like you, then talk to Alecto today. As a specialist medical recruitment agency focussed exclusively on GP practices, we understand medical workforce issues intimately, and can take the pain out of recruiting a great GP for your practice. We currently have dozens of FRACGP, vocationally registered GPs from Australia and overseas available for recruitment to GP positions right around the country.

How to find a GP in Australia?

The key to GP recruitment is to plan ahead. With Alecto, that can be as simple as calling us, giving us a few details about the position you need to fill, and then letting us do the heavy lifting. We’ll work with you to develop a ‘pipeline’ of GPs to fulfil your needs – keeping in mind the limitations of government regulations and the supply of qualified GPs.

If you’re recruiting from overseas, we can provide strategies for dealing with the District of Workforce Shortage (DWS) and 19AB/19AA exemptions generally. And our experience in medical recruitment means that we know our way through all the accreditation obstacles you’re likely to encounter. Our consultants liaise with the regulatory authorities to ensure that we can brief both employers and candidates on the progress of their applications.

We brief our candidates on the kind of community they will be serving and living in, so you can be sure the GP you recruit will be a good fit. And we assist them with resettlement, so your new GP can get straight down to work, undistracted by issues like housing or schools. And just in case one of our GP’s doesn’t work out to be a perfect fit, we offer a money-back guarantee.

So don’t let GP recruitment get you down. Call or contact us today. We will listen to your needs and requests and start looking for suitable candidates straight away.

For ideas around GP recruitment, download our free guide: GP Recruitment

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