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Can your What’s App account get you into trouble?

Did you realise that anything you publish online will be there permanently and that any photos you publish on Facebook belong to them into perpetuity?   Or did you realise that your What’s App messages can be discoverable and used as evidence if a complaint arises? I have to admit I didn’t realise that any...[…]

7 ways to avoid choosing the wrong recruiter

  Recruitment agencies play such a vital role in making sure your transition to Australia is a smooth, and exciting experience. You can have a smooth transition if you make sure you choose the right one.  Consider our tips to help you make the right choice. 4 things to look out for when choosing...[…]

Unique new GP jobs released Australia wide!

Thinking of moving but haven’t found the perfect position? Over the past weeks, we have received a lot of new and unique positions in addition to our other 200 odd vacancies. If you are hearing about a GP oversupply in Australia, we aren’t seeing it! Don’t miss out on these amazing opportunities! We have...[…]