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After one of the strangest years we have ever experienced, we reflect on the year that was:

Suddenly our world changed. We fled our offices and working from home became the norm whilst in Victoria the hottest new accessory became face masks. We spent all of winter indoors and feared those who sneezed in public. Friends and strangers alike have been portrayed as a source of infection instead of a source of comfort and companionship.

Our Perth team was the first to recover and although they were locked behind ‘hard borders’ they gradually found themselves enjoying a lifestyle that seemed unaffected by COVID restrictions.

Whilst there have been good and bad times, Alecto has been able to push through and continue to work alongside some great practices and GPs. Our office in Melbourne was vacated due to Victorian restrictions but we have worked hard to provide GP services to COVID testing locations while continuing our normal recruitment work all over the country.

Our consulting business has kept busy with major projects in Child Health and Aboriginal Health and Zoom has become the normal meeting place. We had planned some interesting trips to visit some Aboriginal Health Services in South Australia, but COVID put a stop to that.

Through all these unprecedented times, we also welcomed a new member to the Alecto family this year, with Christina welcoming her beautiful baby girl, Charlotte, to the world at the start of October.

Now we are looking forward to a new year and getting back to a more normal work life. We miss catching up with our doctors in person especially because we have not been able to host our usual Alecto events this year. We are already making plans to do this in the new year, so keep an eye open for any invitations!

We will be taking a break from the 22nd December and will be back and ready for the new year from the 5th January.

We wish you all the best for the holidays!

Best wishes for the holiday season and for a better year in 2021!

Martina, Monique, Megan, Paula, Christina, Shivani, and Wayne