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Changing lives is what our work is all about.  I know it sounds corny, but it’s the truth.  We help GPs find working & living environments that are better for them, and their families.  Whether it means a shorter commute giving them more time with their family, or moving from the NHS with a 55+ hr week, to a job in Australia with a 35 hr working week and earning more.  Either way we help people improve their lives, and honestly – that’s what gets us out of bed every day.

We play by the rules. And there are a LOT of rules when it comes to the working rights of GPs (and all medical professionals) from overseas.  When it comes to migrant working rights in Australia, there is no other profession more ‘regulated’ to my knowledge.  It’s a pretty big job staying up to date with the constant barrage of changes to these rules- particularly over the last 18 months.  But it’s essential that we give GPs the best advice when they are considering a move to Australia.  So we keep investigating, reading, questioning and learning…But from time to time we have to speak out when we feel that the rules and processes have unintended negative consequence for GPs.  

The recent changes to the main GP pathway (PEP pathway) for FULLY QUALIFIED GPs coming from countries such as the UK), make no allowances for family situations.  The changes have been bought in quickly and with little consideration about their impact.  We have already identified 10 GPs that have ‘played by the rules’, but have been significantly impacted by these rules, and if changes aren’t made there will be more.  They are now left to make difficult decisions about leaving their families for a few days a week, or leaving their career.

We have contacted Hon Greg Hunt (read more here) to ask for GPs on the Specialist pathway to have access to existing legislation to ensure fairness while continuing to support the efforts to increase the GP services for rural communities.  One would think that during a pandemic it would be advantageous to have as many GPs working as possible, however we have not had any response to our letters

The Australian Doctor has picked up the story, you can read more about this here