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Alecto has contacted the Minster for Health,  Hon Greg Hunt to highlight concerns about the unintended consequences of the new RACGP PEP Specialist stream. This was introduced in September last year as the new pathway for Overseas GPs to gain specialist recognition in Australia and means that the pathway to FRACGP has become much more difficult for GPs from the UK, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand.

The RACGP’s PEP program requires GPs to work in a DPA and MMM2 area for the initial work period to obtain FRACGP.

The RACGP, under instruction from Department of Health, will not take into consideration spousal or family reasons for working in a MMM1 (metropolitan area).  Many are moving with small children and a partner who is a skilled migrant working in an inner-city hospital. In the past, they would therefore be eligible for a 19AB spousal exemption however these circumstances are not being considered.

As a result, a number of highly qualified UK and NZ GPs who need to stay in metropolitan areas due to their partner’s work, will be unable to practice in Australia.  Some are considering leaving General Practice.

Alecto, in conjunction with Wavelength, made made a submission to the Minister of Health to request that these issues be addressed with examples of 8 cases.

A copy of this submission is below. Please note: The following has been edited for public consumption and some details have been redacted.