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Wondering how to save money and directly recruit your own GPs?

Times are tough, the cost of running a medical practice continues to increase while patients become more concerned about out-of-pocket costs to see a GP (no thanks to the latest budget) – having money left for spending on GP recruitment, now that’s really tough!

I know it may seem like a GP recruiter does little more than pass a name on to you, but you may want to consider these hidden benefits of using an agency, that will probably end up saving you money:

  • Market intelligence, so you don’t over pay your next GP. A good recruiter will be able to tell you what current pay rates are in the industry and give you some creative, low-cost ideas for your remuneration packages so you can attract better GPs, but also avoid paying them too much.
  • Practical advice about employment contracts, letters of offer etc.  Once again a good recruiter will have a range of free resources that they can give you to help through this recruitment process.
  • No results; no costs. Most recruiters work on a contingent base – their services are free unless you choose to employ a GP they introduce to you.  They only get paid when they get results – so guess what, they are pretty motivated!
  • Reduced risk: 3 month guarantee.  If the GP you recruit doesn’t work out, the recruiter will find another or refund your money.  Once again your risk is reduced and you only incur costs when you get results.
  • Experience – will you recruit a GP who is actually allowed to work in Australia? There are a few areas to watch out for when recruiting a GP. If you don’t have time to keep up to date with changes in these areas you may find a recruiter saves you a lot of headaches – 19AA, 19AB, DWS, Temporary Residents vs Permanent Residents…