Q and A with Dr Krish

07 December 2018 | UK/Ireland GPs | 2 minutes read

Q and A with Dr Krish

Recently we caught up with one of our GPs Dr Krish and asked him about his experiences moving from the UK to Australia:


How long have you been living in Melbourne?

Since September 2014, for four years now.

How are you finding living in Australia?

We love it every day. We have two boys, and this is the best move that we could’ve done. My only regret is that we didn’t come earlier and get into the property market earlier. Professionally and personally, everything has been perfect. Having somebody like Martina, you just can’t go wrong. The support that you get is unbelievable.

How did you find the transition from the UK to Australia?

The first six months were a bit difficult because you are leaving your family and friends. It took some time to settle into a new system and learn about Medicare billings. That was a learning curve. Once you pass that stage it is much easier. The medicine is much easier to practice, you have much more freedom to do things. As a family, you have a much better quality of life.

What advise would you give GPs in the UK who are considering moving to Australia?

Speak to somebody who has been here for a few years so that you can learn about the pros and cons. Even better, speak to somebody who has lived both in the UK and in Australia. Speak to more than one person about their experiences. Don’t let bad experiences put you off. Have an open mind when you come. If you have an open mind and ready for adventure, then Australia is the place.


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