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Alecto has been fighting false rumors of an oversupply of doctors for months now through press releases, articles and through communication with stakeholders within the industry.

Finally, the issue has brought media attention with National Nine News discussing the undersupply of GPs.

There will be an ongoing GP shortage around the country due to:

  • Negative messages being circulated about the earning capacity of GPs versus other Specialists.
  • Australian Medical Graduates choosing specialist and hospital roles rather than General Practice.
  • A perception that other Specialist roles carry more status.
  • Miscommunication that there is an oversupply of GPs creating a belief that there won’t be jobs.
  • GP workforce ageing along with Australia’s population. Older GPs are reducing their hours and preparing to retire.

The population of Australia continues to grow and the GP workforce needs to grow with it. The cost of medical care will continue to rise if GPs are not available because Australians will go straight to specialists for conditions a GP could manage.

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