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Since our inception, one of Alecto Australia’s major areas of interest and expertise has been international medical recruitment — specifically, VR GPs from the UK and Ireland. As a group, we’ve found Irish and UK GPs to be excellent doctors, often with qualifications beyond their primary medical degree, such as diplomas in obstetrics and gynaecology, and paediatrics: a level of training which is seemingly somewhat on the decline amongst local GPs. We have also found them to be enthusiastic contributors in the practices we’ve placed them in, performing well in their primary clinical role, as well as providing excellent support and/or training to other GPs, and being generally quite engaged with the business side of practising medicine.

International Medical Recruitment of Irish and UK GPs: The benefits for practices

Increasingly, GPs practising in the UK are reporting to us a feeling of being undervalued by the NHS, overstretched by the demands on their hours, and not rewarded appropriately for excellence. We believe the GPs who will most notice and resent these factors are those doctors of good calibre who perform their roles most conscientiously and who place the highest expectations on themselves and the performance of their duties. Perhaps for this reason, we have very often found Irish and UK GPs to be very promising, and our client practices have very often enjoyed the realisation of that promise once the doctor has begun working with them. Also, because international medical graduates require the sponsorship of a practice, they tend to be more available than local doctors, who often prefer to enter private practice on their own. The primary reason we have narrowed our focus to Irish and UK GPs (as well as New Zealand GPs) has been because we have found that those GPs have all the advantages to practices in the sense of being slightly more available, but without any compromise in terms of their ability, education, or clinical excellence.

We’ll be posting more information about the benefits offered to practices by international medical graduates in the coming days, so stay tuned.

Why work with Alecto in Recruiting Irish and UK GPs?

As above, we here at Alecto Australia Medical Recruitment have been doing international medical recruitment for more than four years, with a specific focus on Irish and UK GPs. At the same time, however, we are dually located in the UK and Australia and, as well as understanding the local market and industry, are available and answerable to our clients during their own office hours. We believe our perspective, straddling the UK and Australia, positions us fairly uniquely in terms of providing quality Irish and UK GPs to Australian practices, knowing both what to expect from Irish and UK GPs, as well as knowing what practices need and want locally. We also have a great deal of experience doing Medicare applications, which for us is “part of the deal”, in terms of the international medical recruitment process.

More information on how Alecto can help you to recruit Irish and UK GPs

If you would have any other questions, or would like to speak to us directly, you may contact Monique Giron, our Director of Recruitment Services, on +61 405 607 793 or at [email protected].

For more general information about Alecto Australia Medical Recruiting, please see our “about us” informational page here. We also have someinformation for employers regarding recruiting international and local GPs here.