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There are many GP Vacancies across Australia for GPs with FRACGP, MRCGP and MICGP. At Alecto we seek out the clinics offering the best GP Vacancies in Australia, and fill them with the best GPs. For GPs relocating to Australia we will guide and support you through the registration and visa process. Give us a call today and we will talk you though the whole process.

GP vacancies in Australia are typically with private or corporate companies. They offer a range of working conditions and will usually engage GPs as private contractors. We assist with all aspect of the employment negotiations, so you get the best rate of pay and conditions.

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GP Vacancies in Australia are for private contractors, so there are a number of differences for GPs who have come from health services such as the NHS.

Here is a quick summary incase you are considering a GP vacancy in Australia:

You are only paid for the time you work, so you don’t receive paid sick or holiday leave. You are allocated a number of weeks you can take off each year.  But you are not paid for this time.

You are paid a percentage of billings. This is a percentage of the total income you generate for the practice.  This will often be a mix of money from Medicare, and from the patient.

You will need a good accountant. You are required to register as a company and for GST (Goods and services tax). The accountant will look after your reporting requirements, but you will need to set aside money for tax, as your employer will NOT take tax out of your wages

Some GPs choose to take out income protection insurance to cover them incase of any major incident. The costs vary depending on your situation.

Your employer won’t cover any of your education (continuing professional development) costs, you will need to cover them yourself.  Your accountant will advise if these are tax deductible.

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You will find more information about the process on our overseas GPs page.

Interested in the difference between the NHS and Medicare – you may want to review our article that compares the two systems.

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