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GPs working in certain aged care models are averaging gross billings between $300-400 per hour, making it an attractive, yet sustainable, area for GPs to specialise in.

Some of our clients have developed models for GPs that facilitate aged care home visits in a systematic, organised manner, removing the ad hoc nature that was once associated with outreach visits. These organizations have a database of patients ready to be seen and training and administration support provided, they introduce GPs with an interest in learning a whole new model of patient care.

Many GPs are focused on careers in cosmetics and skin work, but many overlook the sustainability and reliability of aged care as a GP specialty.

With an ageing population, the GPs role in aged care is only going to grow bigger. The proof lies in the numbers; the number of Australians in receiving GP treatment in-home or in a residential aged care facility doubled between 2005 and 2015.

Working in aged care is not only a great way to boost your income. It also provides profound satisfaction and allows GPs to foster meaningful relationships with elderly patients. When combined with family practice, it creates a level of multi-generational care that has almost become a thing of the past in metropolitan areas of Australia.

We currently have a number of opportunities for GPs who would like to develop a career in this area, in conjunction with regular practice work. If you are interested hearing more about how you can make aged care your area of specialty, contact Martina Stanley on +61 403 444 764 or see below for some of our current opportunities: