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UK GP’s – Would you be better off in Australia?

We recently surveyed some of our UK GPs working in Australia.  One of the questions with a stand out response was – If you have transferred from the UK in the last 5 years how would you compare the quality of lifestyle in Australia?

88% of UK GPs felt their lifestyle in Australia was ‘somewhat to significantly better’

We have put together the top reasons that contribute to you enjoying your life as a GP better in Australia!

View in Sydney for GP Job

At Alecto, we are experts in guiding GPs through the journey to begin working in Australia.  Our UK GPs tell us it is a combination of the work experience and the lifestyle make the difference:

Reward for Effort

Yes – in Australia the longer hours you work and the more patients you see, the more income you earn.  You are generally in control of the number of patients seen per hour or per day, within reasonable limits.  Some GP’s tell us they are comfortably earning 50-60% more than they were in the UK, all with less responsibility and more control! See our video of a casual chat with one of our many UK GPs Sneha, who arrived in Sydney in 2015.

Supportive Systems for GPs

We are consistently told by our GPs from the UK that additional services such as pathology and radiology are much easier to access and quicker to return results and reports to assist the GP.  Many of these services are available in Australia at no cost to the patient.  This gives the GP much more confidence to manage many conditions in the scope of their skills and knowledge without unnecessary referrals to other practitioners simply because the diagnostic tools are not available in a timely manner.  One of our GPs recently commented that he had ordered more MRIs in six months in Australia than he had in his entire UK career!

Work/Life Balance

Being in control of your hours and shifts lets you control your work life balance.  Even when you commit to weekend work for a bigger practice, rotating evening and weekend rosters are used amongst the GP team so you can plan your hours around time with the family or to simply explore the great outdoors.  Most clinics are also quite flexible with leave and will allow enough time for a good trip back to the UK annually to catch up with family and friends.  This is when you can let them know what they are missing out on!!

Climate and the Aussie Lifestyle

You didn’t think we were going to miss this did you?  One thing we can 100% guarantee is better climate, just about wherever you end up in Australia!  Australia is also famous for almost anything you could possibly want to do outdoors – whatever your sporting or leisure pursuits are, you can be assured they will be catered for in Australia.  

While London’s average maximum temperature in the middle of Summer (July) is 19 degrees, in Sydney, the average maximum is 17 degrees in the middle of winter!  Yep….our winter is the equivalent of your summer!!  Sydney isn’t even especially hot by Australian standards – try Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast or Darwin if you are looking for a permanent summer!

Talk to one of our Alecto Consultants about the opportunities available to you right now in Australia.  We can’t wait to talk to you about the best GP jobs in the best GP clinics in Australia.