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Why work in the CBD when you can work in the suburbs? We have many GPs come to us looking for a CBD job because they think that’s the best place to work. But what they really want is great patient numbers, high earning and work/ life balance.

Many GPs assume that the place to get all this is in the CBD. However, we think this assumption is very wrong! Here’s why:

Billings and Patient Numbers

  • Inner and Outer suburbs and lower socio-economic areas have more demand for GPs as there’s generally more chronic disease and complex health issues in these areas. This means they need to see a doctor more often.
  • The more complex issues attract item numbers that are linked to higher earnings
  • These areas are usually DWS locations which means there is a recognized shortage of doctors. This mean less competition for patients and it is easier to fill your appointments quickly!
  • There is a myth that GPs working in the CBD earn more and are fully booked. However, GPs who work in private practice in the CBD generally will have to wait 6 months to a year before they become fully booked and this is not always guaranteed!
  • The CBD has an oversupply of GPs in the area due to everyone wanting to work there! The patients have more choice and are very happy to change practices whenever they want. They also tend to see the doctor near work for minor issues while receiving their usual care from a GP closer to home (usually in the suburbs)
  • Due to many GPs wanting to work in the CBD you will often get a lower percentage of billings in the CBD. Why earn 60% when you could be on 65 or 70% with more patient numbers?

Work life Balance

  • Working in the Suburbs does not mean you will need to move or be commuting hours to work. You can work at clinics just 20 minutes from the CBD! Many GPs happily live in the CBD and commute against traffic to work at a clinic every day.
  • Practices are very accommodating when it comes to flexibility of hours or accommodating school hours if required!
  • A bigger choice of lifestyle options to suit your needs.

This information may be a surprise to many GPs however at Alecto we are focused on supporting the GP sector and can speak to you about the concerns or questions you may have. Speak to one of our consultants today! We have many great vacancies available, to view our current opportunities please search our vacancies.