Will new DPA sites receive a Health Workforce Certificate?

28 March 2022 | Clinic Owners and Practice Managers | 2 minutes read

Will new DPA sites receive a Health Workforce Certificate?

If your practice recently was awarded DPA status as a result of the new Exceptional Circumstances Review (https://www.health.gov.au/committees-and-groups/distribution-working-group#exceptional-circumstances-reviews-and-outcomes) you may be confused as to whether that helps you to qualify for a Health Workforce Certificate as well?

The good news is that a new application for a HWC will take into account that your area is now a DPA and it will be very likely to be approved for a HWC – even if you are in an MMM1.  If you had a previous application rejected, you will need to apply again and the change in DPA status will be taken into account when your application is assessed.

If your practice is in a MMM3-7, you will likewise be assessed as holding DPA status.

In order to check whether you would be able to get a Health Workforce Certificate, you can follow this process even if you do not have the name of a GP to include with the application.


To check if you are eligible for a HWC:

Use this link to apply online for a HWC  and provide details about your practice and location (https://visasforgps.com.au/for-practices) without including the name of a GP.  If successful, this means that you are eligible to apply for a HWC for a GP when you find one.  This can be used for any eligible GP but you can only make one application without the name of a doctor.


When you have found a GP and need a HWC for that doctor:

Use the same link (https://visasforgps.com.au/for-practices) and make an application that includes the details of the GP/s who require the HWC.


If you have any further questions, feel free to call our Registration Manager, Christina Panayi on 0450 534 764.

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