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With Digital Disruption at the forefront of everyone’s minds right now we thought there was no better time to talk about how Artificial Intelligence could/would affect GP jobs. With so many amazing changes happening in the industry right now you would be hard pressed to have missed the advancements that have already happened but, in case you have, here’s a breakdown.

Ease of Accessibility

Starting with an easy one, for patients needing to see a GP gone are the days where they need to wait until the next business day to call their family doctors office to book an appointment. Thanks to the internet and some great minds, the world of booking appointments has been revolutionised by Digital Disruption.

Patients are able to book appointments online, outside of business hours which not only makes the patient’s life easier it also reduces costs for the practice. This is because it reduces phone calls and admin time for the staff. Patients are also able to look for alternative practices if their desired appointment is not available and also see reviews left by other patients which do wonders for each practice’s reputation.

Enhanced Medical Analysis

In August 2016 a supercomputer was given the genetic data of a 60-year-old woman who was suffering from cancer. In 10 minutes the supercomputer did what would have taken a team of human doctors weeks to achieve. What the computer did was analyse all of her genetic mutation data and determined that she had a rare type of leukemia – incredible! This type of “real time” diagnosis leads us to our next point.

Artificial Intelligence In The Exam Room

With the fascinating world of enhanced analysis upon us, your general GP visits will naturally introduce AI into the room. We have all Google’d our own symptoms before and found both reassuring and alarming information only to visit the GP anyway. Well from this search companies are adapting their platforms to be compatible with AI systems that will provide health information that is personally relevant to you.

At Alecto we are keen to learn and understand more about what Digital Disruption is occurring in Primary Care, so we can better support the employers, and the GPs that we work with.  If you have an interest in working at an innovative practice, contact us – and we will match you with the right practice. Likewise, if your practice prides its self on staying at the forefront of technology – talk to us today about how we can find GPs that will further support your efforts.