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Why do GPs love working in Perth, maybe it’s because Perth offers a unique mix of fantastic lifestyle and great career opportunities – in a city with everlasting sunshine!

You can live near the city and get to the beach in less than half an hour, or live in an affordable large home in a nice suburb or newly established estate – and get to the beach in five minutes.  At the same time you can be assure of a well-paid job as a GP as patient numbers continue to rise.

Perth might seem far away but it really isn’t. If you have traveled to South East Asia recently, the distance to Perth (from the UK) is similar. Perth and Asia are actually on the same time zone.  And you can shave off about 4 hours of flying time compared to if you were living in Sydney or Melbourne.


Once you get here, Perth offers the ability to travel easily and cheaply to South East Asia:

  • 5 Hour flight to Bali costing around $200 return
  • 5 Hour flight to Phuket
  • 5 Hour flight to Singapore
  • 7 Hour flight to Bangkok
  • 6 Hour flight to Ho Chi Min City

If you’re looking to travel around Western Australia whilst living in Perth, there are some beautiful and rare locations to see:

  • Perth is only a 3-hour drive to the Margaret River region, a region renowned for great wine and beautiful vineyard
  • Drive or fly up to Exmouth to see the beautiful untouched beaches that very few people get to experience
  • Travel to Broome and experience a Camel ride along the beaches!


Perth is ideally located in a time zone that is three hours closer to the UK than the East coast of Australia.  For GPs moving here from overseas who want to keep in touch with their family this can make communication much easier. For more information on the area, please visit:

If you are interested in working as a GP in Perth, contact the team at Alecto today on 1800 604 332 or search our vacancies