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That might sound like a bold statement, but our recent GP Salary survey suggests that money -related issues are the main reason why GPs would move to a new practice.

When we asked the question: “If you were to consider moving to another practice in the next 12 months, what would be your primary reason for making the move”, over 90% of responses reflected reasons that would potentially increase earnings.  The combined responses to reasons such as location or ability to specialise made up less than 10% of the responses.  Some GPs gave two responses.

Reasons for leaving a practice

These findings are consistent with many of the conversations we have with GPs on a daily basis.  Most Australian GP practices provide good overall support to GPs and can provide for most individual needs, so good working conditions are a ‘given’.  The opportunity to earn well, seems to be a significant distinguisher between the best places to work.

Percentages of Billings

Looking for a GP urgently?  Been trying to fill a vacancy for a long time? You may want to check if the percentage you are offering is still competitive.  While we don’t endorse this culture of percentage hunting, it is worth knowing the current trends for remuneration.

We have observed a gradual increase in rates offered over the past 12 months. The table below outlines our current observations as to the trends in billing rates at the moment.

Current trends as observed by the team at Alecto Australia
Locations Mixed Billing Bulk Billing
CBD: Sydney, Melbourne 60-65% 65-70%
Outer Metro: Sydney, Melbourne 65% 65-70%
Outer Metro: Perth, Brisbane, Canberra 65-70% 70-75%
CBD: Perth, Brisbane, Canberra 60-65% 65-70%

Minimum Guarantees

Most practices currently as offering a guarantee. Offering a higher hourly rate for a shorter period shows your candidates that you are confident that they will establish a patient base quickly. For example, offering a 2-month guarantee at $150 per hour is an attractive figure that would attract quality doctors.

To access information about our full GP Salary Survey please click here.