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It has been a busy start of the year for Alecto Australia! We have been preparing for the DWS changes coming this month and finishing our 2017 Salary Survey

At Alecto, we love keeping in touch with the GPs we work with and following their journey so we wanted to give you all an update about what some of our team have been up to over summer!

Hanniel – Melbourne and Newcastle

Summer is my favorite time of year because I get to travel to my hometown of Newcastle and catch up with my family and friends for copious amounts of BBQs! This year my daughter organised a sweet 65th birthday for my mum which was lots of fun! We also got to visit the historical town of Ballarat, which is famous for its part in Australia’s Gold Rush. We got to take some old-fashioned pictures which the whole family enjoyed!

Paula – Perth

Paula originally from the UK has never tired of the beautiful location she now calls home.  Whilst she had the largest open-air swimming pool on her doorstep which is better known as Mullaloo beach, Paula and her husband recently decided to put something a little closer for her right in her back garden now which they use every day. Perth really is a great place to live.

Megan – Melbourne

Summer is the best time of year, we have Christmas, my birthday, New Years and barbecues to enjoy! During the summer months, I spend a lot of time outside with my dogs especially evening walks with the glorious daylight savings allowing me to do this after a busy workday!  Melbourne’s weather is a bit unpredictable so although we may have 3 days over 30 degrees, you know there is always a break coming. My partner and I have spent the rest of summer searching for our first house to buy!

Raelene – UK

Raelene has to admit to feeling very jealous of her Australian colleagues at this time of the year.  Her year has started with the usual doldrums of the English weather – wind, sleet, snow, ice, frost and endless rain – feels like the winter will never be over!   But it’s not all bad.  On winter days Raelene enjoys long dog walks over the hills surrounding her home, and then coming home to a cosy evening by the open fire with friends. And Spring is just around the corner!


See below for a slideshow of our summer activities!