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Maximize your income as a GP, but this doesn’t mean working in affluent suburbs.

The Mabel survey in 2010 showed that although you may want to live in the “best suburbs”, you won’t maximize your earnings if you work in any of the affluent suburbs around where you live.

The Mabel study found:

  • GPs working in affluent areas had lower earnings
  • Earnings are lower for GPs who work in areas that are socio-economically more advantageous and where there is a higher concentration in the number of GPs relative to the size of the population.

This is further evidenced by the rates of pay in these areas, they are often lower than in lower socioeconomic areas.

This may also provide relief to GPs who are forced to work in a DWS area (which are often lower socioeconomic areas). Your income shouldn’t suffer as a result of your locations restriction.

How can Alecto help?

With our intimate local knowledge of the capital cities in Australia, we can find you jobs with great earning potential that are only a 20-30 minute commute from affluent suburbs with good schools.

We will make sure you are living in a suburb that suits your lifestyle preferences and at the same time make sure you earn a good income.