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There are so many variables that contribute to the cost of living in UK vs Australia.  Food, housing, cars, insurance, entertainment, are the main areas of concern.  We’ve summed up some cost of living comparisons below on what to expect:

  1. Cost of Housing

It’s no surprise that doctors are flocking from the UK to capitalize on the current exchange rate with Australia and purchase far above their capacity in in the UK.  The average house in the UK is 252,000.  That will get you $524,620 AUD as of December 10th 2016 which in some areas of the country can buy you a very good quality home with 4+ bedrooms 2+ bathrooms.


  1. Cost of Food

For those concerned about the comparison costs of food purchased at the markets or shops, you will be delighted by the cost of items such as milk, rice, eggs, and cheese are all less expensive in Australia.  You will find in most places there will be access to organic shops and farmer’s markets all with local produce that is even less expensive than the shops.


  1. Cost of transportation

Whether you’re a public transport commuter or a prefer to drive your own vehicle, both are options are less expensive in Australia.  The major cities of Australia generally have good transport options and with major city to airport to city train systems being put into place in Melbourne, it’s sure to ease the flow of traffic and make the commute much easier and affordable.

  1. Entertainment

For lots of expat GPs moving across from the UK, it’s especially important to understand what sort of entertainment options will be available and comparable.  When it comes to fitness memberships, cinemas, and eating a meal out, all of these options you will find less expensive than in the UK.  One of the only things that is a bit dearer is the very important coffee!


At Alecto we have specialists based both in the UK and in Australia to answer any of you questions in the time zone of your convenience.  If you are contemplating the move and looking for a bit more information please contact us for a confidential chat on +61 1800 604 332 or via email [email protected]



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