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If you have just finished your registrar training and have just received your FRACGP, or if you haven’t changed GP jobs for a few years,  you may be looking for help to figure out how to get the best deal for your next GP Job.

You may find that the terms of contractor arrangements may be slightly different than what you have seen in the past.   It will be very important to ensure you’re asking the right questions of practice owners to ensure you’re set up for the sort of commitment your happy to make for your next GP job.

Some GPs may be after short term work, while others are looking to settle in one place for an extended period of time.  We have vacancies for all types of work in all types of places. Check out our current vacancies or information on our travelling GPs for those interested in a working holiday around Australia.

Negotiating the details for your next GP Job

Negotiating your working hours, percentage of billings, and general working terms may be a bit scary if you haven’t done this before or for quite some time.  Alecto can inform you about current market conditions specific to your geographical area and level of skill to better help you get more out of your first FRACGP qualified job or next GP job.

We are experts in medical recruitment and also 19AB exemptions for those that require this. We also keep up to date with current industry news, so we can answer all you questions! Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with all the latest industry news