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As a GP, you might be ready to specialise in an area such as Paediatrics, Cosmetics or Occupational Health. More and more we are seeing new ‘Skin’ or ‘travel’ clinics pop up around town. Many of these clinics have been a great success. But, do you have to work at a skin clinic to specialise in skin? The answer is no.

You don’t need to be working at a specialist clinic to specialise in a particular area. You can market yourself as the expert in a particular field at your current clinic, making your colleagues and patients aware of your expertise.

If you have a certificate or have completed a course relevant to the specialist area, it’s a great idea to display this in your counselling room.

Market yourself!

So how do we get the patients to come to their normal GP? The answer is information, information, information. Marketing yourself is important.

Be sure to make your existing patients aware that you offer skin checks, travel medicine etc. This could all be on a simple flyer or fridge magnet – you will not need to spend a fortune or too much time.

GPs are also taking it upon themselves to market their specialities as clinic budgets can sometimes be tight.

If you are interested in any vacancies for certain specialities, contact us today to discuss current opportunities.