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The final Kruk report has been published and changes to pathways for Overseas Trained Doctors (or IMGs) are already occurring. We strongly support all of the 28 of the recommendations and believe that the insights provided in this report are extremely valuable, with the potential to change the trajectory of medical recruitment in the country.

Alecto, individually and through AMRANZ, have been involved in various advocacy efforts over the years and are happy to see that this report is finally addressing some of the industries key frustrations and promotes the very real realities around doctor shortages in Australia.

Around 860 more full time equivalent (FTE) GPs are needed now; and an extra 10,600 will be needed by 2031–32 with around 26% of our current GPs being aged 60 or older

Prior to the reports release we have seen pre-emptive moves by certain departments such as comparability assessment outcomes from the RACGP being processed faster, PESCI rules changing and the removal of Labor market testing requirements for UK Citizens.

Some of the key recommendations are:

  • Paperwork
    • Streamline and remove duplications from the application process so that paperwork is only required to be provided once, with an addition of moving to a single portal in time
    • Automate the issuance of provider numbers by Medicare, a process which can takes weeks or months at the moment
    • Increase government funding to assist with keeping fees lower, as the increase in fees is likely to stop doctors from choosing Australia. If this recommendation is implement, health practitioners could save ‘would save $7,700’
  • Visas
    • Provide easier and transparent routes for IMGs to Permanent Residency
    • Removal of the requirement for practices to pay the Skilled Australia Levy when nominating doctors for visas
  • Comparability Assessments
    • Streamline the application process for comparability assessments.
    • Transition all or part of the comparability assessments from specialist medical colleges to the Australian Medical Council if expectations are not met within agreed timelines.

(please note at this stage these are only recommendations)

We have heard from various sources, that all the recommendations are seriously being considered, and it has been very positive to see the for ID checks in person has been changed by AHPRA.  We hope that there will be further changes in the coming weeks and months.

Keep an eye on the Alecto blog for all the latest updates, and if you are a GP looking to come to Australia then contact us at [email protected]