Patient reviews – What you need to know

12 March 2019 | Australian GPs, Clinic Owners and Practice Managers | 1 minutes read

Patient reviews – What you need to know

The explosion of social media since late 2004 has fostered a cultural phenomenon – the drive for people to tell the world what they are doing and how they feel about it.

Naturally, review services have homed in on this development that urges people to have an opinion on everything and everybody.

Patients are increasingly posting online reviews about their medical care, including rating their doctors.

As Dr Sara Bird points out, these rating websites have been described as “the 21st century’s answer to word of mouth or over-the-garden-fence chit chat”.

A study by our sponsor MDA National states that the vast majority of online reviews about doctors are positive. A review of 33 doctor rating websites found 88% of comments were positive, 6% were negative and another 6% neutral.

In this great article, MDA National surfaces why most medical practitioners find doctor rating websites fundamentally flawed, who is using doctor rating websites and most importantly how doctors can address negative reviews.

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