Outplacement Services

Alecto offers outplacement services to include the following:

Our goal is to provide individual and structured assistance to employees that are undergoing career transitioning or redundancy.  Our sensitive and skilled counseling and support recognizes the needs of individuals and can be tailored to suit varying circumstances.  In our experience, there are some key factors that should be offered by Outplacement services: –

  1. Choice 

The news of losing your current role can be highly traumatic and sensitive to individuals who can feel lost, embarrassed, upset, scared for the future.  Giving the employee the choice to use outplacement services and how this may assist them in the future can be invaluable for their mental wellbeing.

  1. Flexibility

With Outplacement services, we offer various options to enable the employee to choose what services will suit their individual needs offering them freedom and flexibility depending on their circumstances.

  1. Professionalism and empathy

It is important to give the feeling of support and empathy to an individual who feels displaced by the news of being redeployed or made redundant.  Having someone to talk through these feelings with a consultant who is external to an organization can be very important to the employee and gives them a platform to vent possible feelings of anger and frustration.  Our consultants will make arrangements to meet with the individual privately to outline the services available to them.

  1. Clear career transitioning process

The next step is to help the individuals start building for their future, this will include: –

Stage 1

Stage 2

Outplacement Services Cost

  Level 1 –

2 month Program

Level 2 –

3 month Program

Level 3 –

5 month Program

Level 4 –

7 month Program

Program Cost (+GST) $2500 * $4300* $5500 $7200
Volume Discount* If we are engaged to outplace more than 25 employees, our fees will incur a 10% reduction
Employee Level Suitability Non-Supervisory Supervisory / 10 years experience + Manager Executive
Personal Adjustment Y Y Y Y
Self-Evaluation N/A Y Y Y
Job Search Strategy Y Y Y Y
Career Wish List Matrix N/A Y Y Y
Executive Coaching N/A N/A 1 session 3 sessions
Executive Network Plan N/A N/A 1 session 2 sessions
Social Media Profiling N/A Y Y Y
Resume Writing Service Y Y Y Y
Interview Preparation – short Y Y Y Y
Interview Preparation – long N/A N/A Y Y
Financial Advice Referral N/A N/A Y Y
Centrelink Advice Y Y Y Y
Identification of Job Opportunities N/A N/A Y Y
Salary Guidance/Negotiations N/A Y Y Y
Ongoing Job Search Support N/A Y Y Y


Volume Discount* – If we are engaged to outplace more than 25 employees, our fees will incur a 10% reduction