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As a company working almost exclusively with General Practitioners and General Practices over the past 12 years, Alecto has observed many factors that can contribute to a doctor’s decision to move to a new workplace. The 2020 National General Practice Workforce Survey found that 18.1% of GPs intended to change their primary practice within the following 12 months which is such a large percentage in a shortage market. This may be due to a range of reasons, the most recent Alecto survey found the most common reasons for moving practice was for better money and more management support.

As with any life-changing decision, moving your work location entails considering pros and cons from a broad range of perspectives such as:

Personal reasons such as family obligations, lifestyle preferences, work-life balance or simply wanting to stretch your wings to experience a change of scenery, are all valid considerations.

Professional opportunities, including career development, teaching opportunities, and skill specialisation can be key in driving the need to stay or move your work location. Changing location after Fellowship or completion of moratorium are common pivotal moments in a doctor’s career that will often trigger the desire to move to a new workplace.

Financial incentives such as type of billing model (bulk, mixed, or private billing), percentage of billings offered, or other incentives offered by a practice, may influence your decision around moving.

Practice environment can never be underestimated with a 2017 report by RACGP finding a positive workplace culture (including effective communication, support for professional development, strong sense of teamwork) were key elements contributing to General Practitioners’ job satisfaction and retention.

One major factor that limits a GP’s propensity to move work locations, is the time required to research vacancies and practices in order to find a suitable location that ticks the majority of boxes.

If it feels like you’re swiping left or right on Seek, Indeed, or other job platforms and not finding your perfect match, reaching out to a recruiter may assist you in sorting out the chaff from gold.

Contact us for a confidential discussion at [email protected] and let us find your perfect match.