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Are worried about the Medicare Rebate Freeze effecting your earning potential? Don’t worry, GPs earn much more than the average Australian salary and can live comfortably even with the current Medicare rebate freeze. Compared with the salary for GPs in the NHS, you will still stand to make a lot more per anum!

The 2016 budget has just been announced with the government’s plan to extend the current Medicare Rebate freeze for a further 2 years until 2020, despite the continued rise in the cost of living. This continued freeze will impact the patients and their health. Bulk Billing rates are currently at an all-time high in Australia with majority of patients being bulk billed. However, this freeze will force GP practices to move away from Bulk-Billing or charge patients an increased gap payment to support the viability of the business. This will mean that patients may hold off on seeking treatment with their GP until they are forced to go to an appointment or otherwise end up going to the hospital at a larger cost to government. This does not just relate to lower socio economic areas but to all areas of Australia.

It is predicted that this freeze will start to impact GPs income by 2019, however it is possible that the Medicare rebate freeze may be ended by this time as the federal opposition has yet to make a statement.

There’s no need to worry about the Medicare Rebate Freeze

If you are a GP looking to move to Australia, there is no need to panic just yet. GP earnings are still high and the cost of living in Australia is much less compared to the UK and Ireland. Plus, don’t forget our sun, beaches and culture!

If you are already working in Australia, your earnings will remain relatively the same unless you are building your patient base! However the cost of living in Australia is quite low so you are much better off then overseas!

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Alecto have been involved in the recruitment of many GPs from the UK and Ireland and we have heard nothing but positive feedback from our GPs.

At Alecto, we are experts in the sector and can speak to you about the concerns you may have. If you are thinking of moving to Australia, speak to one of our consultants today! We have many great vacancies available, to view our current opportunities please search our vacancies.