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The number of GP jobs on our database continues to grow – in spite of predictions of an oversupply of doctors in Australia.

We sometimes get asked why there are still so many jobs, and here are some of the reasons why:

  1. While there may be an oversupply of some doctors, there are not enough fully trained, specialist GPs.
  2. Australia the fastest growing nation in the OECD In the past 25 years, Australia’s population has grown by 37.5%.
  3. At present 46% of Australian GPs are aged over 55. If each of these GPs were to drop even one session in the next year, we would need more registrars than are currently being trained each year just to cover the drop in services. While some GPs will continue to work into their 70s and beyond, many will find themselves unwilling or unable to continue work over the next few years. The supply of registrars will not fill this gap.
  4. There are increased levels of chronic illness which means medical care is now more likely to happen in a GP clinic than in a hospital
  5. Many of the new clinics are being built in new suburbs – often far away from where GPs have traditionally worked. Clinics are looking for new GPs to move into the area.
  6. Australia has an aging population. Australians now live longer (females 85.2 years) than ever before and Australia is ranked 7th of all OECD countries. This means we have to care for more elderly people than ever before. The number of patients aged 45 and above has increased by 47% in the past 25 years.
  7. While there are more medical students than ever, fewer of them are choosing to be GPs.  This explains why the outcry about an oversupply of doctors isn’t reflective of the situation for GPs.

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