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You have your whole life ahead of you and the world is your oyster. Sydney is always popular work location for ambitious GPs, but it is challenging to find good jobs – particularly for GPs who only want a working holiday.

We have put a list together of a few things you should know about the life of a GP in Sydney.

5 things you need to know about the General Practice landscape in  NSW

  1. There is a strong demand for GPs in Sydney, but at present, there are too many GPs wanting to work part-time on weekdays. The predominant need is for GPs who are willing to work the full hours’ range and to commit to a practice full-time.
  2. With the competition in the inner city suburbs being so fierce, GPs will typically see around 20 – 30 patients per day, depending on the model of the practice. The exception is for larger bulk billing clinics.
  3. As the Sydney real estate market has boomed, a lot of the less desirable inner suburbs have been developed and gentrified, in turn, changing the General Practice landscape.
  4. The patient base of the CBD is predominately professionals but you can expect to address a wide range of medical issues including sexual health, drug dependency and mental health. The outer suburbs are more family orientated, with a larger proportion of pensioners and young families.
  5. Sydney has opportunities to pursue an academic career with some of the best universities in Sydney, helping shape the next generation of GPs in Australia.

Alecto’s experience

In our experience, Sydney market is appealing for young singles or couples without children. The high cost of real estate can make it difficult. There are significant hurdles in matching a GP to an ideal location that is commutable to a DWS practice, as well as good schools and professional jobs for partners in the CBD.

Despite the high competition and soaring costs of living, Sydney still remains one of the most popular destinations for GPs looking for a challenge. If you’re interested in relocating to Sydney, you can browse our current GP job opportunities here.