Is Australia losing its allure to overseas GPs?

06 August 2021 | Clinic Owners and Practice Managers, UK/Ireland GPs | 1 minutes read

Is Australia losing its allure to overseas GPs?

Recently, our Director Martina Stanley has been in contact with the Australian Doctor publication on a number of issues relating to GP shortages and challenges we have faced in the registration process. These have included the PESCI, the Visas for GPs program, and the RACGP’s PEP Specialist Stream.

We are in constant contact with the media trying to bring awareness to these issues and the ever-growing shortage of GPs in our community. Earlier this week the Australian Doctor publication published an article in relation to the PEP program with quotes from Martina.

We applaud the writers and editors of this outlet for bringing attention to these problems that are in dire need of attention. The article can be viewed here or we have included a copy below for those who may not have a subscription.

Is Australia losing its allure to overseas GPs_ _ Australian Doctor Group
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