Welcome to Alecto, where your GP recruitment needs are our priority. While we offer a comprehensive recruitment service, which is highly effective in metropolitan areas, we are now introducing a new advertising feature tailored for rural and regional practices. This feature allows you to recruit directly, giving you full control over the process.

Here’s why advertising with Alecto is the smart choice

  • You Save Money:
    By posting your GP job ads on the Alecto website, you can significantly cut down on recruitment costs. The money saved can be redirected towards relocation payments or other incentives for the doctors you hire.
  • Direct Recruitment Management:
    Take charge of your recruitment process and manage it hands-on. This gives you the flexibility and control to find the perfect fit for your practice.
  • Reach a Wide Audience
    Our website attracts a significant amount of traffic from potential candidates, ensuring your job ads are seen by a broad and relevant audience.

How our web site visits compare

Graph shows total number of web site visits over the last 6 months

Choose the level of assistance you need

Complete DIY

Take full control and manage your job applications independently.

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Assisted Vetting

Let our team assist you in reviewing applications to ensure that the GPs meet the necessary registration requirements.

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Add-On Services

In addition to our advertising feature, we offer additional services to make your recruitment process smoother:

Medicare Provider Number Applications

Help with the application process for Medicare provider numbers.

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Overseas Registration

Assistance with the registration process for international candidates.

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Ready to streamline your recruitment process and find the best candidates? Sign up now and take advantage of our new advertising feature. Pay for the service today and start attracting top talent to your practice!