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RACGP announced that as of the 22nd November 2023, there have been two changes to the comparability assessment requirements for those applying to the PEP Specialist Stream. These changes are:

  1. CPD assessment criteria changed

As part of the comparability assessment, doctors are required to show evidence of 50 hours of CPD within the prior 12 months. There were limitations on this evidence in relation to the maximum number of hours that could be accrued per day etc. These limitations have now been removed and any CPD will be assessed.

  1. No more Clinical Cases

In the past, doctors have been required to complete ten clinical cases as part of the comparability assessment in the RACGP PEP program. The removal of this will significantly reduce the time and work required for the RACGP PEP application, which is great news for all GPs.

Theses changes apply to all current and new applications, so if you are in the midst of filling out the application then the above changes apply to you as well.

For further information about about the RACGP PEP program, see this post. [link to PEP guide]

If you have questions about the pathway or need help with the RACGP comparability assessment, please contact the registration team at