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There are hundreds of GP jobs advertised nationwide, but we all know that much of the work GPs do is the same no matter where you work. At Alecto, we look for the rarest and most interesting of vacancies. Over the past week, we have spoken to a few clinics that can offer variety and a certain uniqueness that we wanted to share. These positions are really on the forefront of General Practice and provide the opportunity to practice real medicine.


This practice offers a rare opportunity to travel for your work. You can choose to fly in and out to rural communities to provide GP services to those who simply do not have access to a doctor, and you will be home by dinner. The practice is committed to providing these services and will also allow you the opportunity to get your pilots licence!

These services can be on a rotational basis and results in large billing potentials. Follow ups with these patients are generally by Telehealth however the practice would like to increase these services to these needy communities.

Western Suburbs of Sydney

This busy practice in Sydney has always been an innovative clinic where GPs earn well. The practice has a pioneering Aboriginal Health practice as well as a large and growing general patient base. There is an active research arm at the practice led by two Associate Professors who practice from the centre. The centre has just completed a quad pill study for a major hospital and university and will shortly commence a pilot led by a major university and the Department of Health to test a decision support tool in the mental health area. They are the only private health provider involved in the pilot. The centre has also just committed to another pilot to test an innovative model of care. This pilot is being led by the PHN and a major university. Doctors are remunerated for their participation in these types of activities and are also encouraged to suggest new areas of practice they would like to develop.

Inner Suburbs of Melbourne

An inner suburb practice that is focused on providing the highest quality care to the most challenging of cases. Many patients have highly complex chronic conditions and require multiple services. We have worked with this practice for several years and the GPs that work hear have never had a bad word to say as the work is very interesting. The management team is highly experienced, clinically trained and very supportive.

If you are interested in any of these vacancies please contact Alecto on [email protected]