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GPs moving from the UK are faced with a registration process which sometimes can feel like a maze with no exit. Sometimes practice managers are uncertain how to support them. That’s where we come in. Alecto are relocation specialists – not just medical recruiters.

Alecto assists many GPs each year relocate to Australia, we focus on providing a step-by-step approach to the registration and transition process. We liaise with organisations on behalf of GPs and have contacts that can help if any unforeseen issues arise.  We want to make sure that the move to Australia is as smooth as possible. This is not limited to our candidates, we can also assist with registration for those that have found their own job. We also assist clinics who have recruited a GP directly.

We are not limited to registration support either, we also assist GPs with the transition to Australia. This includes advising which are the best suburbs to live in, the best schools in the area, setting up a bank account and various other things that need to be thought about and considered! We can also help with 19AB exemptions and advise, and also have a brilliant network of GPs through our GP community Alecto Connect.

 “Very helpful in helping me relocate! Extremely knowledgeable and prompt with their service”

Dr L, Victoria


“Really looking forward to meeting you both and thanks again for walking me through the process. I couldn’t have been happier with the support and guidance that you and Martina  have provided.”

Dr C, Melbourne


Excellent recruitment process – helped every step of the way. Continued support after moving and ongoing now 1 year on. Social event and further events planned – nice to meet everyone in the same situation, and the Alecto team. I have highly recommended Alecto to all my friends and previous colleagues wishing to move here, and I was recommended by a friend also.”

Dr SM, Sydney


If you would like some more information, please feel free to contact our Registration Manager Megan Lewis on [email protected]