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The map has started changing. See the updates at Doctor Connect. 

Some opportunities for UK doctors may disappear          

The DWS map will change in February 2018. In order to be eligible for positions at clinics currently located in the DWS area you will need to be speaking to Alecto about these vacancies before the DWS Map changes!

DWS is short for the District of Workforce Shortage.  There is a requirement under section 19AB for all overseas trained doctors to work in a DWS (or similar) location for the first ten years of their medical registration in Australia. If you don’t get a DWS position, you might not get paid!

This requirement is enforced through Medicare. In order to bill patients through Medicare you will need a Medicare provider number which you will not get if you do not have a 19AB exemption such as DWS. The DWS map can be located at

The DWS locations change every year on the at the start of February.  It is impossible to try and predict which areas on the map will change. The DWS map may change slightly or it may be completely changed.

Moving to Australia? Looking to change practices?

We have a range of current DWS vacancies available in all states of Australia. These range from rural locations to locations in the inner suburbs of Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. If you are a GP who is restricted by location and you are interested in any of our vacancies, now is the time to apply! If you contact Alecto Australia to discuss a position before February 2018, you can still be granted a DWS exemption under 19AB.

For more information on current vacancies contact us on 1800 604 332 or email [email protected] for a confidential chat.