What our GP clients say about Alecto

Dr Nirdushan, Darwin

“I’m very happy that I initially contacted you to guide me through the whole process of finding and starting GP work in the Northern Territory, Australia. I experienced a very personal and informative service from everyone involved, and was guided through the process of registration step-by-step. This made the whole thing a lot less stressful and daunting. Prompt email responses, informative written material and even a welcome phone call on arrival were signs of a high class service. I would certainly recommend and use the company again. Many thanks.”

Dr Gopi, Queensland

“I found you genuine, kind & highly motivated & proactive. You did your best to understand what I wanted and came up with lots of options and suggestions tailored to my liking,which helped me pick exactly what I wanted. You were also crystal clear in defining what you can adv on & what you are not comfortable advising. You were good in foreseeing the events during the paperwork stages and helped me prepare for them. You were very prompt in replying to my queries. To put it in a nutshell I was convinced you would land my dream job the very 1st time I met you in Melbourne. Thanks for your kind help.”

Dr Arthee, Perth

“Thanks Monique, I really appreciate the personal touch that you’ve given my job finding journey”

Dr Ursula, Brisbane

“Working with Monique and Martina in Australia, (UK GP applying from New Zealand) made the laborious and pedantic process of applying for GP Fellowship and Australian registration much easier than trying to do this alone. It was still a long process but the team helped every step of the way, and were happy to liaise with the AMC, RACGP or AHPRA when needed.They worked hard to secure a good GP position for me, and overall I highly recommend and thank them for all their help in the process of relocating to Australia as a GP.”

Dr Dylan, Perth

“I would strongly recommend Alecto to GPs and other relevant health professionals contemplating a move to Australia. After having contacted at least five different agencies dealing with GPs relocating from the UK to Australia, Alecto took the top spot in terms of understanding my requirements especially with the type of position my wife and I were looking for, the workings of the Australian Health Care, the paperwork involved, Immigration requirements, adjusting to the Aussie lifestyle, etc. Their consistent help throughout the 10-12 month period prior to the move is definitely worth mentioning. They helped us settle on arrival in Australia and made our relocation process a smooth transition, especially as we had no prior local contacts. Now in Australia for a year I could not have entrusted my relocation to a better team. I would give them a 10/10 and wish them immense success in the future.”

Dr Lorna, VIC

“Thank you for all your invaluable advice and support along the way. Its been really great so thank you!”

Dr Siv, Brisbane

“We are currently in Brisbane working, living and enjoying the ‘dream’. This road, which involved a fair amount of paperwork and lots of questions about the different applications, i.e. AMC/RACGP/AHPRA, would not have been possible without your knowledge and experience.

Martina, and particularly Lynn, were also invaluable in the whole process. To have all of you answer the numerous questions I had all the way through the application process, no matter how trivial, was incredibly helpful.

Can’t recommend the service provided high enough. Thanks to all.”

Dr James, Perth

“I am so grateful for all your hard work. The job at this practice is working out really well and I am enjoying life immensely.”

Dr Syed, Melbourne

“I am very grateful to Alecto who helped me secure a GP position in Melbourne.

I found their dealings very professional and it was a pleasure speaking to Martina who understood our needs perfectly and suited me with the right position.

I would highly recommend Alecto and advise all prospective GPs who are looking for a GP position in Australia to contact Alecto first and speak to Martina its director.”

Dr Laura, VIC

“Martina and her team made looking for a new job in Melbourne an insightful process. Martina teased out my career aims, offered me appropriate options then navigated me through the process. I am now settled in my new post and still have occasion contact from the Alecto team to check up on how it is all going. Thanks!.”

Dr Alwin, VIC

“Many thanks to Alecto for the excellent service in facilitating my or should I say our move to Australia. The transition was managed very well and Alecto was always at hand when things needed to be sorted. I also felt that cooperation with the UK end of the business was excellent. It was good to have somebody like Alecto here in Australia as it would have been impossible or at least very difficult to do all and everything from the UK. Alecto kept in touch all the time and updated me quickly on the progress. Communication was uncomplicated via e-mail and telephone.

I don’t think that things would have worked without Alecto’s help.”

Dr Shah, VIC

“I enjoyed the whole experience with Alecto, engaging with Martina, how it enabled me to recognise those things that I am already doing and encouraged me to continue exploring new workplace in Melbourne. The whole service is really client focused and full of hope and they will find their best way to fulfil my criteria. Thanks Martina and Alecto!”

Dr Simon, WA

“I have been available for short term locums and Monique from Alecto has sourced me suitable jobs over the last year to meet my needs. She always responds quickly and efficiently to my requests.”

Dr Penny, Perth

“I just wanted to thank you for finding me the perfect job. As I had already worked in WA I had a pretty good idea of where I wanted to be in Perth. However when I applied for an advertised job you went out of your way to find another position for me exactly where I wanted to live. I am now working the hours I want in a supportive practice, close to both my home and kids’ school. It has definitely been a good move.”

Dr Claire, VIC

“Really enjoying the job here and the wonderful lifestyle. Why didn’t we do it sooner?! Just working out the logistics of getting permanent residency now but can’t recommend the move enough.”

Dr Susanne, WA

“I finally started my GP job for real yesterday after a couple of days training on the Australian medical system. It felt so good to work again after almost a month of settling in.

We have found the most beautiful house to live in. Perfect for us! Not too big or too small – only two years old, we are installing a fence around the garden as our two dogs arrive from Sydney next week. Cannot wait to see them after a month in quarantine!

The kids have started school now and are happy, especially our son who finds he is a little ahead of his class and is happily showing off his knowledge.

The weather here despite being late autumn is so lovely. Everybody complains how cold it is and I am thinking: What are they moaning about? In Northern Ireland, we would be happy to have only one day a year like that! During the day temperatures are around 20 degrees plus minus 2 or 3 degrees. Only in the morning and evening, it gets a bit nippy but we are used to that and just layer on the clothes and switch on the gas heater.

I have to say, every day is like a dream here and sometimes I have to pinch myself to wake up in it again. It has not really sunken in that we are going to stay here for a long time but I am sure it will eventually.

Thank you soo much again. Without you, we never would have ended up here. It is definitely the right place to be for us although I do miss my family but the pros by far outweigh the cons so again, from the bottom of my heart: Thank you!!”

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