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Background information about Canberra

There is no doubt about it. When a GP relocates from overseas, the majority of GPs would prefer to work in a large metropolitan centre and not a smaller city like Canberra.  It can therefore come as a shock, for overseas trained GPs to learn that when moving to Australia, there is a requirement to work in ‘areas of need’, otherwise known as  Distribution Priority Areas which are mostly in the outer suburbs of cities and regional/rural locations, therefore when an opportunity comes up to work in a capital city, it is often snapped up quickly.

General Practice GP jobs in and around Canberra

Canberra and its surrounds are in the enviable position of currently having DPA status in many locations. Whilst the DPA map has a propensity to change without advance notice, opportunity currently abounds. Many of the practices in the Canberra surrounds are private or mixed billing, giving the GP an opportunity in many instances to develop a strong income. Patient demographics are generally broad, with the ACT (comprising Canberra and its suburbs) having a higher than average of professional people, young families and lower unemployment compared to the rest of Australia according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

With so many job opportunities for GPs existing in Canberra and the surrounding area, it stands to reason that this area is worthy of serious consideration when relocating to Australia from overseas, or for local GPs looking to establish their careers in a top-quality, family-friendly metropolitan city.

So what’s the winning combination for Canberra?

Canberra CBD with snowy mountains in the backgroundCanberra is the capital of Australia and situated approximately half-way between Sydney and Melbourne. It is also ideally situated approximately 2 ½ hours from the main Snowy Mountains ski resorts of Thredbo and Perisher. However if skiing or snowboarding are not your thing and you just want to take your family for a play in the snow, you can always drive 30 mins to the Corin Forest for some tobogganing and snow ball fun.

Alternatively, if the beaches are beckoning, Canberra has a host of beaches approximately 2 ½ to 3 hours drive away. You can laze on the beach while lapping up the sunshine, swim in crystal clear waters, hike through national forest, or experience the thrill of exhilarating surf.

Canberra also offers water sports enthusiasts a broad range of activities for both children and adults.  Lake Burley Griffin is Canberra’s jewel in the crown, providing an abundance of opportunities for sailing, boating, fishing, paddleboarding, rowing, swimming, and more. Whether you want to join a club, or just do your own thing, the lake is a source of visual beauty, vitality, and home to various landmark recreational facilities.  Explore galleries, museums and national landmarks as you make your way around the lake.

In terms of family, Canberra is known for its high-quality education options, and is deemed to be one of the safest cities in Australia in which to raise children.  With its outdoorsy lifestyle and multitude of fun activities to do around the capital, you will be on a winner with your family if you choose to settle in the Canberra area.

Supporting you in your search for GP Jobs in Canberra

Alecto has relationships with many GP practices in the Canberra region and can assist you in finding the right match for your needs. We understand that relocating from overseas, or moving from interstate, are big decisions, and Alecto is here to provide you with information that can empower you to make informed decisions. Whether you are just dipping your toes in the water and putting out feelers, or you are seriously looking at your future career plans, Alecto would be delighted to hear from you.

Please feel free to reach out to our NSW/ACT specialist at [email protected]