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Winter Blues got you down? Looking for a change? Now is the perfect time to change jobs as it is the peak of the flu season. Patient numbers are high and clinics are crying out for GPs to help. With such high demand it is easy to slide into a new position and build up your patient base quicker than any other time of the year.

Or maybe you are just looking to get away from the cold and rainy weather for somewhere warmer and close to the beach. We have clinics that are close to the CBD, beaches, hills and more rural areas.  We have over 500 jobs for you to choose from so there is bound to be something that suits you.

At Alecto we offer a specialized and individual service to GPs. We do not send your CV to every clinic in the country as some recruiters do but instead focus on finding the perfect match to suit you. We also have 6-month locum opportunities if you prefer more variety of locations and patients.

Looking for a position in:
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Adelaide

Contact us today to have a private and confidential discussion about current opportunities. The opportunities are endless at present.  If we had a hundred GPs apply today, we could place them within a month….

At Alecto we are experts in the sector and can speak to you about the concerns or questions you may have. Speak to one of our consultants today. We have many great vacancies available, to view our current opportunities please search our vacancies.