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Australian GP Jobs during summer. This will allow you to experience the best this country can offer.

Dream of having Christmas at the beach? This short guide will provide you with information on what type of weather to expect in different states and help you make an informed decision about where you want to relocate. Due to the size of Australia, it’s climate is vastly different depending on where you live.

The Australian summer is from December through to February, however some areas start feeling the heat a lot earlier than this. Summer is also the end of year holiday period for those at school, with school finishing late December and commencing the new school year at the end of January to early February.  Here’s what to expect in some of the capital citys:

Melbourne: Weather here can be quite variable, we can have all three seasons in one day and the weather will change quite quickly. Melbourne’s summer temperature is just perfect for outdoor activities such as trips to the beach and sight-seeing down the great ocean road.

Sydney: Sydney is very similar to Melbourne when it comes to summer temperatures however more humid. Great weather for a trip to Bondi beach.

Cairns and Darwin: This is Australia’s tropic zone; the weather is warm all year round. The months from between November and March are the area’s wet season so expect some rain, during which the average temperature is around 35 degrees.

Brisbane: Brisbane offers you a chilled out beach lifestyle. The weather is warm and the beaches are the place to be. Brisbane accommodates those who are looking to just relax and also those looking for more action pack adventures.

Adelaide: Adelaide’s climate is warm and sunny most of the year. The average temperature in the summer months is 30 Degrees Celsius. Adelaide is a popular tourist spot known for its beaches and wine region.

Perth: Perth has more sunny days than any other capital city and rainfall is unlikely during the summer months

No matter where you move, Australia is the perfect destination for summer and the best way to escape the European winter. Whether you want to live in a big city, or a small town: we can help with a range of GP vacancies all across Australia. Contact us for a confidential chat on +61 1800 604 332 or via email [email protected] .

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