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In our survey conducted earlier this year, 88% of GPs who came from the UK claimed their lifestyle had improved. A recent study by the US-based Commonwealth Fund has shown Australian GPs have one of the highest satisfaction rates internationally.

Australian GPs have one of the highest satisfaction rates internationally, up there with those in Norway, New Zealand and Switzerland, a news report shows.

88% of UK GPs who moved to Australia felt their lifestyle is ‘somewhat to significantly better’ than their life in the UK

–  Alecto Australia Salary Survey 2017

Here are some highlights from the article that may help to explain why Australia is still a good place to work.

GPs  around the world

  • In the UK, GP time with each patient is on average 10.6 minutes
  • The top most ‘stressful’ GP practice environments included the UK (59%), Sweden (56%) and Germany (45%)
  • 29% of UK GPs want to leave the profession within the first five years
  • The longest average time spent with patients was in Sweden (24 minutes) but 58% of GPs were ‘dissatisfied’ or ‘very dissatisfied’

….and Aussie GPs

  • Aussie GPs are among the least stressed as there is a lot less pressure on GPs
  • Only 21% of GPs in Australia reported that their job was ‘very stressful’ or ‘extremely stressful’
  • Australian GPs typically spend 15 mins with each patient – longer appointments are associated with greater GP satisfaction and Aussie GPs are also in control of how many patients they see
  • Access to pathology and radiology services is prompt, rather than the standard 6-8 week wait for an ultrasound in the UK

While UK GPs are retiring earlier and earlier in the UK, Australia has an ageing GP workforce, with over a third being over 50 years of age. This includes both full time and part time hours.